Global air pollution kills 7 million people

Global air pollution kills 7 million people

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If air pollution is not improved, you may only wear a gas mask in the future to be outdoors.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 7 million people died from air pollution in 2012. This finding suggests a link between air pollution and heart disease, respiratory disease, and cancer. The World Health Organization claims that one in eight global deaths is associated with air pollution, making it the world’s largest single health environment risk.

The study found that nearly 6 million deaths occurred in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. The World Health Organization claims that about 3.3 million people have died from indoor air pollution and 2.6 million have died from outdoor air pollution. These deaths have occurred mainly in low- and middle-income countries in these areas.

Dr. Maria Neira, head of the World Health Organization’s Department of Public Health, Health and Social and Environmental Determinants, said: ‘The risk of air pollution is now much higher than our previous imagination and understanding, especially for patients with heart disease and stroke. There are very few risks now. The impact on global health exceeds air pollution. This requires us to coordinate and cooperate to clean the air we breathe.’

The World Health Organization claims that reducing air pollution can save millions of lives. Dr. Flavia Bustreo, Assistant Director of the Family, Women and Child Health Department of the World Health Organization, said: ‘Cleaning our breathing air can stop non-communicable diseases and reduce the risk of women and vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. Poor women and Children pay a heavy price for indoor air pollution because they spend more time at home, inhaling stoves and smog from coal burning.’ The World Health Organization survey found that most air pollution deaths are related to cardiovascular disease. related.

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