glory Building finish ceremony from olansi Health Industry Technology Park

glory Building finish ceremony from olansi Health Industry Technology Park

The future of beauty Can’t match a real visible now After hundreds of days and nights With the pouring of the last concrete in place Aurang Health Industry Technology Park Ushering a moment of special significance—- Olansi new factory glory Building finish ceremony.

On the morning of July 13, 2019, the topping ceremony of the Olansi Health Industry Science and Technology Park was held at the construction site. The company’s leaders, employees and guests attended the ceremony. The topping ceremony of the Science Park will be the future development of the Australian and health industry. It is of great significance and has taken a solid step for the update of the hardware facilities of the company, and also laid a material foundation for improving the quality of the products of the company.

                                                                    Company leaders and guests group photo

The olansi Health Industry Science and Technology Park project is located in Nansha, Guangzhou. It belongs to the area of ​​Lake Town. The transportation network is developed and the supporting facilities are complete. The project product planning and construction covers an area of ​​more than 40 acres. There are 4 modern, intelligent and technologically built. The new factory buildings and office buildings, including R&D center, production center, sales center, audio-visual center, storage center, leisure center and other functional areas, can meet the production, business, life, leisure and entertainment of the Australian family. Cultural and other needs. The Olansi Health Industry Science and Technology Park will introduce more advanced international production equipment, introduce more international talents, introduce more advanced concepts, rely on business district, ten-level dust-free production workshops, and international advanced production equipment. Excellent conditions such as living and working support to create a more standardized and standardized health industry science park.

Since ten years of deep cultivation in Guangzhou, olansi has been constantly exploring new heights of healthy living, constantly inspiring regional potential, and knowing how to create the ideal healthy life in the minds of customers. Following the development of the health industry and helping the rapid rise of the rhythm of life, the olansi Health Industry Technology Park is also officially located in Nansha. olansi stands at the strategic height of urban development and fits the development plan of the health industry. On the land where the new energy is born, the innovation spirit of olansi continues!


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