Haze is harmful to the human body

Haze is harmful to the human body

The combination of haze and haze. Haze is common in this city. In some areas of China, the fog will be included in the catastrophic weather forecast phenomenon of haze, collectively known as “fog and haze”.

Urban haze

Haze is the interaction of specific climatic conditions and human activities. Economic and social activities with high population density will emit a large number of fine particles (PM 2.5). If the emissions exceed the atmospheric circulation and carrying capacity, the concentration of fine particles will continue to accumulate. At this time, if the static electricity stabilizes the weather, it is easy to appear in a large range of haze.

Haze is harmful to the human body

One is to induce respiratory diseases. The composition of haze is very complex, with hundreds of particles in size. These particles enter the respiratory tract through human breathing, leading to bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Second, it cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Haze weather, low oxygen content, can make the heart beat faster, chest tightness, shortness of breath, especially for the elderly more harm.

Thirdly, it causes various bacterial diseases, because the fog and fog of the sun do not reach the earth, or the sun is weak, so that the bacterial surface on the bacterial surface multiplies rapidly, causing allergies and other diseases.

Fourth, the risk of cancer increases. It is well known that smokers have a 60% higher risk of lung cancer than the general population, and haze contains more harmful particles, so haze is more likely to cause cancer than smoking.

Fifth, it makes people feel depressed and irritable. This person’s mood is easy to have weather, fog, and haze, the air is dirty, people’s mood will become depressed, restless. Things began to lack vitality.

Sixth, traffic accidents are likely to occur. Hazy weather can reduce visibility, and severely only a few meters away. On the pedestrian road, vehicles have great potential safety hazards and are very dangerous.

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