Haze or more serious impact: causing the Pacific storm to be more violent

Haze or more serious impact: causing the Pacific storm to be more violent

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US researchers reported in a new issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on the 14th that the simulation results show that air pollution in Asia may increase the Pacific storm.

Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory used global climate models to simulate current and historical pollution. It was found that the ‘optical thickness’ of aerosols in the North Pacific increased significantly due to air pollution in Asia. The convective clouds become thicker and higher, resulting in the strengthening of short-wave and long-wave ‘cloud radiation’ at the top of the atmosphere.

Wang Yuan, the first author of the research report, told reporters: ‘Our simulation results show that the suspended particles produced by anthropogenic pollution can effectively change the microphysical properties and optics of convective clouds in the Pacific storm system as cloud condensation nuclei and ice cores. More importantly, by interacting with the cloud, particulate matter can change the heat distribution in the storm system, changing the dynamics of the storm and making the storm system worse.’

He further explained that the Pacific Storm System is an important part of the global atmospheric circulation and plays a role in transporting heat and water vapor to high latitudes. As a result, storm systems that are enhanced by air pollution in Asia have a significant impact on weather systems in other parts of the world, and are potentially linked to the observed anomalous weather conditions in the northern hemisphere winter. But he also pointed out that much research is needed on the relationship between Asian air pollution and specific extreme weather changes.

Wang Yuan pointed out that this new study emphasizes the effects of suspended particulate matter in the atmosphere, especially anthropogenic emissions of pollutants on clouds, precipitation and atmospheric circulation systems worldwide. Therefore, the impact of suspended particulate matter other than greenhouse gases needs to be considered when conducting global climate predictions and developing relevant international policies.

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