he health industry of Australia: pay attention to the correct choice of air purifier in the summer indoor environment

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In the summer, most of the family ingore the ceiling air purifier and put it in the corner, until the autumn and winter the fog is haze,they will use again. In fact, this is the errors of using wall mounted air purifier.

Data shows that China’s residential air quality exceeded the serious, home improvement pollution as a source of a variety of diseases. Indoor formaldehyde mainly from plywood, particleboard, wood-based panels, chemical fiber carpets, foam, paint, paint, etc., experiments show that the room temperature for each rise of 1 ℃, from the furniture of formaldehyde in the air will increase the concentration of formaldehyde To 0.37 times. High temperature and humidity environment, the release of formaldehyde can be 20% -30% higher than usual.

In addition to formaldehyde, indoor air harmful substances also include benzene, bacteria, fungi, pollen, viruses, etc., may cause allergies and asthma and other respiratory diseases, great harm to the human body. Therefore,it’s very necessary to use air purifier to improve the air quality and reduce the air pollution in the summer.

Experts recommend that the summer choose uv air purifier, Firstly is to buy in line with national standards of air purifier, based on the new national standard, select the CADR value is high, CCM value is high, high energy efficiency and low noise products. Secondly, you can choose with anion function of the purifier products, to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

In the market, Olansi K08 negative platinum air purifier, for example, the purifier to the world’s five longevity – Guangxi Bama’s longevity environment based on the use of ENI anion accelerator technology and nano-fullerene ions Release technology, simulation of the natural principle of the equivalent of natural ecological air negative ions, with natural negative ions, air purification, superoxide detoxification and many other functions.

In the purification of air, Olansi K08 negative industrial air purifier HEPA fine particle fine filter layer, the air 0.1 micron diameter dust and particles to filter, 0.3 micron dust particles removal rate of 99.99%, can effectively remove PM2.5 contains bacteria, fungi, viruses, dust, smoke, pollen, harmful minerals, allergens and other 100 kinds of micro-particles, and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of various fungi, so as to achieve clean air, sterilization double effect.

In the case of negative ions, Olansi K08 water based air purifier original “ecological anion accelerator” can be doubled to increase the release of negative ions, resulting in the equivalent of Bama natural ecological negative ions. At the same time in particular to increase the negative ion migration power, set the “no scrolls centrifugal fan”, strengthen the negative ion bath environment, so you can at home with Bama to breathe and enjoy the natural convalescence.

The family emphasizes that even if the smell has been dispersed for a few months, formaldehyde remains stubborn in the interior environment because its release cycle can last up to 3 to 15 years. Therefore, long-term use of air purifier is very necessary and the right choice.

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