High-efficiency air purifier: indoor air pollution

High-efficiency air purifier: indoor air pollution


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People live in polluted air. When you think of air pollution, you may think of smoke, emissions from power plants, cars, and trucks. These are all examples of outdoor air pollution, but indoor air may also be polluted. Pollutants are any harmful pollutants in the air; therefore, indoor air pollution refers to pollutants from gases and particles that pollute the indoor air.
Indoor air pollution is a very realistic and dangerous thing because indoor air is more concentrated pollutants than outdoor air. It is estimated that 2.2 million people die every year from indoor air pollution (compared with 500,000 deaths due to outdoor air pollution).
Five simple steps to improve indoor air quality
1. Keep the floor fresh.
2. Keep healthy humidity.
3. Make your home a non-smoking area.
4. Testing radon.
Naturally, it smells good.
For your health, we sincerely recommend our Olansi air purifier, which can improve your indoor air quality. Olansi air purifier includes OEM air purifier, China air purifier, household air purifier, Hepa air purifier, etc.

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