How to choose a home air purifier

How to choose a home air purifier

“PM2.5, smog” are no strangers to our words. It is a serious threat to our health. Nowadays, air pollution is getting more and more serious. Whether you are outdoors or at home, we can’t avoid PM2. 5. According to statistics, 90% of a person’s life is spent indoors, so indoor air quality is very important for people’s health. We also thought about how to deal with this enemy. In fact, the easiest and most effective way is to buy a top-rated air purifier for home. However, most people don’t know much about household air purifiers. There are also a lot of air purifiers on the market. At the end, which brand has a good effect, let Xiaobian give you a brief introduction.
(1) Working principle of household air purifier
There are many pollutants in the air. The particles that float in the air like dust are called suspended particles. The particle size of the PM is different. Particles smaller than or equal to 2.5 microns are called PM2.5. The human respiratory filtration system, whether it is the hair of the nose or the lungs, can only block suspended particles above 5 microns, which is unstoppable below this volume. So how does the air purifier digest the impurities in the air for us? The air purifier is capable of adsorbing and decomposing pollutants in the air. The air purifier not only filters the dust in the gas but also purifies the toxic substances in the air and eliminates the floating bacteria in the air. So its effect is unquestionable. However, the current air purifiers on the market are divided into nets and no filters. Xiaobian suggested that it is recommended to buy no filter, because there will be secondary pollution caused by the filter, and the filter should be replaced regularly, invisible. Increased costs.
(2) Which brand of air purifier is more suitable for you
At present, there are many brands of air purifiers on the market, and the quality is also uneven. Which brand of air purifier is good? People often say that the top ten brands of air purifiers include: Philips, Sanyo, Midea, Gree, Panasonic, Sharp, Emmett, Yuanda, Honeywell, Yadu, etc. There is also a new top-rated HEPA air purifier product on the market. : Negative ion air purifier. At present, there are some merchants in China that manufacture air purifiers. Taiwan is also good. It has obtained 23 world patents. Compared with the family, this air purifier has no secondary pollution and no pollution. Secondary consumption. No motor is ultra-quiet, it is quite suitable for the elderly and children in the family. However, the price may be a little higher.
Therefore, we should choose from the price, function, brand and after-sales service when purchasing the air purifier. If you don’t know enough about the air purifier, then you may wish to purchase the above-recommended air purifier brand, some domestic air purification. The brand price is still relatively high. The price difference of air purifiers is relatively large, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. When purchasing, it is necessary to compare in many aspects.
(three) air purifier purchase skills
After introducing so much, I believe many people are ready to buy air purifiers. Is there any skill in this purchase process? Of course, there are:
the first. According to the principle of the air purifier. The principle of air purifier mainly includes electrostatic purification mode, physical purification mode, chemical purification mode, negative ion purification mode, and composite purification mode. In general, negative ion air purifiers will work better.
Second, purchase according to the room area. When choosing an air purifier, only scientific purification can better protect the health of the family. Generally speaking, a room of 20 square meters is suitable for air purifiers above 270ml/h, and a room of 40-50 square meters should be selected for 540ml. /hair purifier.
Third, after-sales service is perfect Try to choose a big brand, one is quality guaranteed, and the other is maintenance.
I believe that everyone knows about air purifiers now. What is the most important thing in the 21st century? “Health” is not healthy, you can’t do anything, so it’s especially important to buy a suitable air purifier for your family.

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