How to clean the indoor air?

How to clean the indoor air?

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Indoors are the main place where people live and work. If the indoor long-term air quality is poor, it will not only affect people’s work efficiency and quality of life, but also have a negative effect on health and longevity. Therefore, if the indoor air quality is not good, some purification work needs to be done.

The old saying goes: the water does not rot in the household. The air is the same and needs to flow to stay fresh. Usually there is odor or dullness in the room, it is necessary to open the doors and windows to ventilate properly. If the windows and doors are located on the leeward side, the natural ventilation is often poor. It is best to install an exhaust fan or blower.

The open door can be ventilated, but it can sometimes cause indoor air to deteriorate. If there is outdoor smoke or odor, close the doors and windows to prevent indoor air pollution. During the rainy weather, the tides are very strong, and the doors and windows should be closed to prevent the outdoor tidal air from flowing into the room, resulting in strong indoor air. Some houses close to roads or factories, etc., often have dusty flying during the peak hours of vehicle traffic and operations. These doors and windows must be tightly sealed. Dust weather should also be tightly closed.

Air quality indicators are not only dust, but also related to microorganisms. There is ultraviolet light in the sun, so the sun has a certain bactericidal ability. Many people’s houses are equipped with curtains. Even if they are sunny houses, they often do not open the curtains, which results in little indoor sunlight, or no sunlight at all. For green sterilization, it is best to open the curtains every day to let the sun shine in the room.

If the room is completely incapable of receiving sunlight, you can install an ultraviolet lamp. When the person is not in the room, turn on the light regularly for sterilization, which is also good for indoor air purification.

If the indoor air is too dry, it is not only easy to dust, but also may cause static accumulation and conduction in the room, which is harmful to indoor personnel and sophisticated electronic equipment. Therefore, a basin and a humidifier can be placed indoors to increase the humidity of the air.

If the indoor humidity is too large, it will not only cause the mold to be bad, but also easily breed bacteria. Therefore, the indoor air humidity should be reduced at this time. Some quicklime can be placed in an open container indoors, or some other non-corrosive desiccant (preferably a desiccant that can be recycled) is used. Their strong water absorption prevents moisture from getting wet.

Good habits are developed in daily life, and the toilet should be flushed in time; the toilet should be covered when not in use; the bathroom and kitchen should have a odor to open the ventilator, cook cooking should open the range hood; the bathroom and kitchen should be cleaned regularly. Sterilize and prevent bacteria from having mildew; the doors and windows of the bathroom and kitchen should be closed as close as possible to the bedroom and the hall to prevent the kitchen and toilet from polluting other rooms; other sun and windows of the kitchen and toilet should be opened regularly, sunbathe, natural sterilization .

If there are conditions, especially in an air-conditioned room, an air purifier can be used. Because the air purifier can effectively remove indoor air pollution.

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