How to deal with office pollution? OLS-K08A intelligent WIFI air purifier can help you.

How to deal with office pollution? OLS-K08A air purifier can help you.

Office air pollution is the main cause of the disease. Second-hand smoke persists for a long time; office equipment such as computers and photocopiers causes indoor air pollution and lack of negative ions; office personnel are dense, viruses and bacteria carried by the human body will cause cross-infection; furthermore, office decoration materials and furnishings will double the release of formaldehyde under high temperature in summer. These pollution not only seriously affects mood, but also is a chronic health killer. If you want to have a refreshing and efficient work day, you need an air purifier to give you free and fresh air.

OLANSI Air Purifier

OLANSI air purifier OLS-K08A is a very good choice. It carries the smart assistant of Xiaojingyu, which can realize the remote control of APP. On the way to work, before meeting, it can open the mobile phone APP with one button. It can enjoy fresh and healthy air from the first second of entering the office, and bring good mood to the busy work of the day.

OLS-K08A air purifier also has good humidification effect. 3 grades humidity setting, the target humidity can be set freely. Effective alleviation of office dry air conditioning environment, refreshing and moist workspace is available.

OLANSI air purifier OLS-K08A carries a new upgraded filter, dust collection and deodorization integration, not only can filter PM2.5, dust and other particulate matter in the air, the surface of the black screen also has anti-bacterial effect, so that the air is not only cleaner, but also healthier.

Of course, it also carries the nano-water ion technology imported from Japan, which has the effect of bacteriostasis, deodorization and purification. It can also decompose PM2.5, which can further improve the air quality in the office. The air is fresh and healthy for a long time, and the mind is always clear and efficient.

OLANSI air purifier OLS-K08A is easy to understand and operate. Air pollution indicator lamp can directly show air quality and humidity indicator lamp can also show humidity.

Degree state, indoor air quality is under control; Dust, odor, temperature, humidity, brightness and other multi-sensor, can achieve intelligent air purification, so that you can concentrate on the work, refreshing experience brings a good mood throughout the day.

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