How to fight against smog and create a healthy new air for breathing

How to fight against smog and create a healthy new air for breathing

The smog makes people talk about the color change. I thought that the earth-shattering smog in the capital Beijing left a deep impression on countless people, and it almost became a “breathing pain” for the whole people. Under the smog, everyone is helpless, and the damage to the health caused by smog is really great. However, everyone’s understanding of smog only stays in it affects our respiratory tract and lungs. If you know that smog will affect our brain, will you deepen the fear of smog??

The fog is sore, do you know?

Maher and his team at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that air pollution, such as smog, damages not only our lungs but also our brains. As long as you inhale a haze with a PM of less than 2.5, the smog can reach our brain through the respiratory tract. We all know that the brain is our nerve center, affecting our behavior and thoughts. Once the haze has eroded our brain, this damage is even more terrible than affecting the respiratory tract and the lungs!

If you have headaches, eye pain, sore throat, heartache, discomfort, lack of spirit, groggy and unable to get up, etc., or if there are masks forever in the shopping cart, see the blue sky and white clouds, you want to cry and take pictures. When you act, it means that you have unfortunately suffered from “haze and depression”!
For “haze and depression”, masks and green plants are all superficial, and the real practice of using the air purifier is to use the air purifier.  top rated air purifiers for allergies, a variety of kung fu treatment of smog, protect your lungs, but also protect your brain from smog damage.

Olansi air purifier adopts 360° no dead angle inlet and outlet design, which can resist aldehyde removal, CADR value of particles reaches 450m3/h, formaldehyde CADR value reaches 180m3/h, quickly remove air pollutants and let indoor air Lasting freshness and health.

Using negative ion function, it releases millions of negative ions, adsorbs, surrounds, breaks, removes various germs and harmful substances in the air, enhances the fresh air, enhances the comfort of indoor air, and brings you fresh water like a bathing forest. Sense.

The smog is gradually eroding our brains, and it is imperative to fight the smog and rebel! At the moment, in addition to wearing a mask and doing various protective measures, at home, you must insist on using the Olansi air purifier to purify the air, vigorously fight against smog, let the blue sky and white clouds reappear, so that everyone can Living in a healthy, green environment

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