How to improve the air quality inside the car in the haze

How to improve the air quality inside the car in the haze

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Driving in the haze, traffic is more congested, and people stay in the car for longer than ever. In a seemingly closed space, the degree of pollution is not worse than the outside, so it is necessary to prevent flooding in the car. Then, in this environment, in addition to paying attention to conventional safety, how do car owners make the air in the car more ‘clean’?

First, close the window, open the inner loop
For many people, there is a car travel, this relatively closed space can avoid contact with the “ten face crouching” to some extent, the car window is closed at the first time when driving on the road. In fact, in addition to closing the window, there is one more step to be aware of, that is, to open the inner loop.

Opening the outer loop is the same as opening the window, so that the air outside the car enters the car. That is to say, the air passage outside the vehicle and the inside of the vehicle is circulated, and the wind blown by the fan comes from outside the vehicle. Even if the fan is not blown, the airflow is still sucked into the vehicle while the vehicle is running, and the fresh air in the vehicle is replenished. Therefore, in foggy weather, even if the doors and windows are closed, high concentrations of suspended pollutants or respirable particulate matter can enter the vehicle through external circulation.

The inner circulation is to close the airflow passage inside and outside the vehicle, forming a circulation of air inside the vehicle, effectively preventing external dust and harmful gases from entering the vehicle, and blocking harmful exhaust gas discharged from the preceding vehicle in a dense area of the vehicle.

Therefore, in the fog, when you drive, you not only need to close the doors and windows, but also try to open the internal circulation system of the air conditioner inside the car. For many models with automatic air conditioning, the vehicle will default to the outer loop when starting, so don’t forget to switch to the inner loop. Of course, if the circulation in a long time will cause the air in the car to not circulate, if it is running at a high speed or in the car for too long, then it will open for a while and let the outside air come in.

Second, regular cleaning and replacement of car air filter
When the smog is heavier, many people will wear masks for themselves. After they have been used, they should be cleaned in time or thrown away. The car actually has a “mask”, that is, the engine’s air intake filter and air conditioning filter. These two items are like the air protection umbrella of a car, which can effectively reduce the entry of pollutants into the car through heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, and prevent the inhalation of harmful pollutants when driving.

However, in the polluted environment for a long time, the engine’s air intake filter and air-conditioning filter will also absorb a lot of impurities and dirt. Too much dirt will deposit on the filter element, which will not only reduce the intake efficiency, but also reduce the engine power and air conditioning. . The dirt accumulated on the filter element will breed bacteria and cause mildew, which will cause air conditioning odor, which not only affects the ride comfort, but also poses a threat to health. Therefore, the engine intake filter of the car should be replaced regularly. At the same time, the air conditioner filter is the first door of the car air conditioner. The air quality of the car is also very large. The air conditioning system should be cleaned regularly and the air filter should be replaced according to the maintenance manual.

Under normal circumstances, change every 15,000 km. Of course, in places where air pollution is more serious, it should be replaced every 10,000 kilometers or less. Generally, 4S shops can operate.

Third, install car air purifier
The car does not have its own air purification system. It can purchase an in-car air purification device. After installation, it can eliminate the odor, toxic and harmful gases, bacteria and viruses in the car.

Fourth, do not smoke in the car
Cigarettes, cigars and pipes produce PM2.5 fine particles in incomplete combustion and are one of the main sources of indoor PM2.5.Many people like to smoke in the car. However, the fog can not open the window to ventilate, smoking is equal to the PM2.5 index in the car, so try not to smoke in the car.

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