How to keep the air fresh

How to keep the air fresh

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World Health Organization definition: The standard concentration of negative oxygen ions in fresh air is 1000-1500/cm3.

Air conditioners, or some high-end appliances, will be equipped with negative ion modules. However, most of the negative ion modules on the market require higher voltages, which will affect the electrical appliances and the human body. Negative ions are not necessarily small-sized, small-sized negative ions. It can directly enter the human body and is beneficial to the human body. It also has better effects in reducing smoke and dust than the medium and large particles.

If you just want to use it occasionally, you can try small household appliances, such as air purifiers. It is recommended to increase the particle size of negative ions. The effect of removing smoke will be very good, because the negative ions themselves have the function of reducing smoke and dust. OLANSI’s small particle size negative ions are very effective and are specifically designed for secondhand smoke.

Nowadays, many families will install central air-conditioning during renovation. They will also join the central fresh air system and walk along the pipelines, but most of them are only basic ventilation and filtration, and there is no fresh air. If you want fresh air in your home, you should choose an air purifier. If it is a renovated room, consider opening it for 24 hours. It also has obvious effects on second-hand smoke, second-hand air, and formaldehyde odor.

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