How to place a household air purifier

How to place a household air purifier

After purchasing a home air purifier, which position in the home is better, here are four common senses for your reference:
1 When installing the air purifier, ensure that the bottom is stable, the position should be kept dry, and there is a relatively smooth vent;
2 Place it in the center of the room as much as possible, do not rely on anything (including walls, furniture, water, volatile flammable materials, etc.), keep it more than 1 meter away from the wall when using it;
3 Close the door and window when using to ensure better purification effect, not too close to people, because there will be more harmful gases around it, more or less harmful to the human body after inhalation;
4 Every 1-2 weeks, remember to clean the surface of the dust filter, and usually do the work of washing and disassembling and replacing the filter as needed to reduce the occurrence of faults, maintain good purification effect and prolong service life.

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