How to use the air purifier

How to use the air purifier

Proper use of the best affordable air purifier for allergies not only improves the efficiency of air purification but also prolongs the service life of the air purifier, with less effort. Let’s take a look at how air purifiers use old air purifiers.

Placement position

The placement of the best affordable air purifier for smoke is exquisite, but it is not metaphysical.
Reserve a space of at least 30 cm for the air purifier to facilitate air circulation.
Remember not to put it on the wall! Don’t put it on the wall! Don’t put it on the wall! In particular, the side with the sensor will affect the air purifier’s detection of air quality.

2. Open the window at the right time

Close the doors and windows when opening the air purifier. If the polluted air outside the room continues to enter the room, it will seriously affect the purification effect of the air purifier.

However, when closing the air purification of doors and windows, you should also open the window at the same time.

* National standards stipulate that 30 cubic meters of fresh air are required per hour. In the use scenario of the air purifier: exchange air with the outside world 0.5-1 times per hour.

3. “Maintenance and maintenance” is very important

The air filter’s primary filter needs to be cleaned regularly. It is recommended to clean it once at least 1 month. The X80/X83 series air purifier’s primary filter can be taken out directly and can be washed (as shown in the figure above).

Because the X50 air purifier uses a composite filter element, it is necessary to use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the outer layer of hair and dust, and not to wash. By the way, the X50 air purifier has a filter cleaning reminder function. After cleaning, press and hold the light button to turn off the prompt.

Negative example

For HEPA and activated carbon layer filter is a consumable, can be replaced directly after expiration.

4. Other details

Air Purifier’s “Child Lock” function

If you find that the machine is powered on, the button suddenly does not respond. In most cases, the “child lock” protection function is enabled. Press and hold the “child lock button” to release.

The air purifier is not a “hood hood”

The kitchen produces more serious air pollution. Many people have this experience: when cooking in the kitchen, the air purifier in the living room suddenly runs at a speed. But please do not put the purifier directly into the kitchen to purify, the oil fumes are still handed over to a more professional range hood.

Air purifier and “ultrasonic humidifier”

A lot of user feedback: in the case of closing the doors and windows, the index of the air purifier does not fall back.
In most cases, it is caused by the “ultrasonic humidifier”.

The “ultrasonic” humidifier works by converting water into vapor-type aerosol particles through high-frequency oscillations, and PM2.5 is essentially an aerosol particle. The detection technology used in current portable testing equipment cannot effectively distinguish between vapor-type aerosol particles and harmful aerosol particles (PM2.5). The mist sprayed from the humidifier will be mistaken for PM2.5. A thermal evaporative humidifier is recommended.

“laser sensor” for air purifier

If the air purifier’s sensor is blocked by dust, it will affect the air purifier’s air quality detection. At this time, the sensor can be wiped with a cotton swab. The life of the laser sensor needs to be renewed after its expiration. The laser sensor of the 352 air purifier is detachable and can be completed by yourself.

Air Purifier VS “Second-hand smoke”

As we all know, second-hand smoke is extremely harmful, and the taste of second-hand smoke is also difficult to remove. If the purifier is purchased purely to remove second-hand smoke, this is obviously not sensible, so that the filter element of the air purifier is extremely saturated. Instead of opening the air purifier, it is better to open the window and ventilate it. Of course, the most fundamental thing is to ask smokers at home not to smoke indoors (and public relations).

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