Hydrogen-rich bath • wash out beautiful skin

Hydrogen-rich bath • wash out beautiful skin

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High concentration hydrogen production
• Hydrogen production: Start hydrogen production by entering water, shut down automatically after 15 minutes of electrolysis, or stop producing hydrogen by effluent.
• Hydrogen-rich concentration up to 1000PPb (self-test laboratory data report)
Hydrogen-rich water beauty
• Facial spa, full body bath, full depth of care with high concentration of hydrogen water
• Quickly penetrate skin cells to achieve anti-oxidation, wrinkle-removing, skin elasticity and skin fineness
Tender lubrication
• Hydrogen quickly penetrates the surface layer of the human body and penetrates into all parts of the body, effectively improving fatigue and staying away from sub-health
• Hydrogen-rich water beauty, no added, green health and environmental protection, no side effects

Double nuclear electrolysis + proton exchange membrane
Dual-nuclear hydrogen production,
High power, dual module
Embedded DuPont proton exchange membrane
Only for maximizing high hydrogen content

Large capacity battery
Large capacity battery, 7.4V, 1000mA,
The capacity is equivalent to 3.7V, 2000mA
Only for matching high power electrolytic hydrogen production
Colleagues bring consumers longer duration of use
Clean massage • relieve fatigue

Super power cleaning
• High-frequency vibration, large garden surface, soft silicone particles, delicate touch, giving you a different cleaning experience.
High frequency vibration, comfortable massage
• High frequency vibration massage to relieve fatigue and muscle soreness.
• Handheld is quick and easy to use, and you want to press where to place acupuncture points.
• Three-speed adjustment to choose the strength that best suits you.
Perfect combination of clean massage

Magnetic force
Inheriting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, using the magnetic field to affect the distribution of bio-current in the human body, the operating state of the charge and the magnetic orientation of the bio-polymer. Built-in healthy magnet, forming a three-dimensional spiral closed loop magnetic field, balancing self-discipline acupoints, nerves Improve blood patency and high oxygen carrying capacity.

Color light
Orange, blue, and green light, the breathing cycle changes when hydrogen is produced.
Orange light: Prevents dry skin, increases skin elasticity, stretches wrinkles, and delays skin aging.
Blu-ray: anti-inflammatory and calm, reduce skin oil and fat, reduce pores, suitable for acne, oily, rough skin and other skin.
Green light: It has a calming and relaxing effect on the nerves. Suitable for rough skin, wrinkles, blackheads, acne, acne, etc.

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