In addition to changing the filter, the water purifier can be left alone?

In addition to changing the filter, the water purifier can be left alone?

The maintenance of the water purifier should firstly change the filter element at regular intervals, otherwise…
The filtration effect is weakened and the water quality is deteriorated.
The adsorption capacity of the filter element is saturated. The plugging of the filter element will not only reduce the amount of water but also reduce the filtration effect. If the water in this state continues to drink, it will affect the health of the body.
The filter element is damaged step by step, filter life is shortened
The water purifier is generally filtered step by step by a multi-stage filter. If the primary filter element is blocked, large particles of impurities such as sediment and rust in the water will directly enter the second-stage filter element, so that the filter element that is not responsible for filtering impurities is overloaded, resulting in early retirement.
You only need to lose two or more filter cartridges because of the bad habit of “changing the filter cartridge from time to time”.
Water purifier life is also affected
The loss of the filter element can be more than the damage of the filter element: just because the filter element is the core component of the best cheap water purifier, it is as if the heart and lung function of the person is not strong enough, the operation of the whole machine will become dull, such a machine is very fast. Will also “end to sleep.”

For those who are often on a business trip or returning from a trip, the best indoor water purifiers in the home will always be ruthlessly into the “cold palace”, from one or two weeks to more than a year and a half.
However, the water purifier has not been operated for a long time, and if it is not treated properly, it may cause secondary pollution to the water quality. Therefore, before using, be sure to use the following correct method to “activate” again~
1. When using again, rinse the water purifier first.
The water purifier is deactivated for a long time. When it is used again, it needs to be rinsed first: it is not used for about 3 days, and it is washed for 3-5 minutes; if it is more than 10 days, it needs to be washed for 15 minutes; if it is more than one month or even longer Use, the inside of the filter may breed bacteria and mold, in order to avoid secondary pollution, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the filter once.

2, after a long time to stop water, you must first discharge
If water is stopped for a long time, after the water supply is restored, a large amount of sediment, rust, and other substances will be deposited in the water pipe. At this time, the water purifier will be used again. It is necessary to open the sewage outlet and remove the sediment and rust inside to avoid water purification. The device is clogged, does not have water or water, has an odor, and even shortens the life of the filter.
3. If necessary, backwashing
If the water purifier is not used for more than one month, the inside of the filter element of the water purifier will breed bacteria. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the filter element when using it again. If the water quality still appears to be poor, it is recommended to backwash the water purifier. After the water purifier is backwashed, the contaminants in the water will be discharged from the drain outlet with direct flushing.
4, half a year, it is recommended to replace the filter
If it is not used for 3-6 months or longer, consider replacing the filter element. Because it will not be used for a long time, some filter elements will lose the filtering function, such as ultrafiltration membrane drying and pore size shrinkage. Moreover, the ultrafiltration membrane cannot be recovered, which will cause the water in the water purifier to become smaller or even fail. If this happens, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. (You can clean the filter element first, then test the water purification effect, and then decide whether you need to replace the filter element according to the purification effect)

5. If you need to go out, you can close the tap water inlet valve in advance.
If you are going to travel or do not use the water purifier for a long time, be sure to close the inlet valve of tap water and do a good job of a power failure and water cut. In order to avoid the uninformed situation, because the water pressure is too large, the faucet will fall off and cause a water increase event, resulting in unnecessary losses. In addition, the water purifier that is not used for a long time needs to drain the water into the machine. At the same time, the outdoor water purifier needs to turn off the ball valve and drain the water from the whole machine and the filter bottle to avoid freezing the machine due to the cold weather.

In addition to the normal life cycle of the water purifier, if the machine can be durable, it is still inseparable from daily maintenance:
1. When using the machine for the first time, the filter element inside the water purifier must be flushed to wash off the protective liquid in the filter element. The specific operation is as follows: open the tap water inlet ball valve, tap water tap, purify the tap, and then frequently switch the tap (for example, off for 3 seconds, 8 seconds) to form a pulsed impact for 15 minutes until the water is clear and free of foam.
2, need to be cleaned regularly, the product will be used for a certain period of time, there will be impurities accumulation, filter plugging and so on. When the water output is less than half of the original, it means that the water purifier filter has been blocked more seriously, and the filter can be flushed (many models have a flush button on the control panel, long press for three seconds).
3, do not expose to the sun and cold, it is important to emphasize that the water purifier is not suitable for outdoor installation, because whether it is higher in the summer outdoor temperature, it is easy to age under the sun exposure, or the temperature in the winter is too low, the internal waterway will freeze, Damage to the water purifier. And, no matter which kind of water treatment machine, it may breed blue algae under high temperatures and sunlight. Therefore, the water purifier is suitable for installation in a cool place indoors, not too close to the heat source.
4. The water pressure of the tap water should be stable. If the water pressure suddenly becomes too small, the water hammer phenomenon will occur. If the pressure is too large, it will easily damage the internal components of the water purifier. Therefore, the water purifier can be pre-installed before the water purifier is installed. Valves, in the case of going out or not using the water purifier for a short time, you need to close the inlet valve to protect the water purifier from water pressure, which can extend the life of the water purifier.

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