In the spring and summer seasons to deal with smog, is there any use of air purifiers?

In the spring and summer seasons to deal with smog, is there any use of air purifiers?

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In the spring and summer seasons, the increasing pollution of air and respiratory health problems, such as smog, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other substances continue to emerge, and it is impossible to prevent. Wearing a mask and opening the door to open the air purifier has become a weapon for many citizens to deal with the “inside and outside repair” of the haze. However, many people still have confusion: Is there any use of air purifiers?

Questions about the use of air purifiers:

In April 2015, Tsinghua University released the “Data Analysis Report on Indoor Air Quality Survey”, saying that modern people have 80% of the time to stay indoors, and the per capita indoor PM2.5 intake is four times that of outdoor. The haze is even more serious. Studies have shown that even if the doors and windows are fully closed, if the purification method is not adopted, the indoor PM2.5 concentration is at least 1/3 of the outdoor. Proper use of air purifiers is necessary to improve indoor air quality.

How long does the purifier have to work to function?

After the purifier is turned on, there is an indoor air exchange process, which causes the larger polluted particles that originally settled on the ground to rise into the air. Indoor air pollution does not fall and rises, and this process lasts for 20-30 minutes. The contaminant concentration then decreases as the purifier’s working time increases.

Misunderstandings affecting the use of air purifiers:

Myth 1: Air purifiers are placed everywhere, not paying attention to safety

It is also undesirable for most users to place or place the air purifier directly against the wall. The placement of the wall limits air circulation and reduces work efficiency; since the air purifier first absorbs harmful substances in the air and then filters through the filter element, the filtered air is discharged.

Myth 2: Unreasonable window ventilation

I bought an air purifier, and we don’t recommend closing the doors and windows all day long. This is unscientific and not good for your health. While using the air purifier, we also need to choose the appropriate time period to open the window for air exchange. The air purifier plays the role of purification without oxygen. Especially in the newly renovated house, the air is tight and the fresh air cannot be injected.

Myth 3: I have never bought an air purifier before I bought it.

When the air purifier is used for a long time, it will absorb some substances such as dust and fluff in the air, so it should be cleaned at the air inlet, fan, etc.

Myth 4: A pair of filter cartridges took a long time

For some users, buying a purifier may be once and for all, no longer paying attention to the operation of the air purifier, which is obviously wrong. Especially for the filter element, it is necessary to pay attention to it at all times, otherwise it will not only have no effect, but also damage the purifier. Generally, the filter element is replaced once a year.

Although most of the mainstream air purifier products on the market are multi-functional, the purification technology has its own advantages. Consumers can choose different purifiers according to the purification needs of different homes, and choose the basic principle of air purifiers. Non-toxic and harmless, the second is safety, and the third is effective.

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