Indoor air pollution and 12 manifestations of hazards

Indoor air pollution and 12 manifestations of hazards

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First, the main source of indoor air pollution:

There are many reasons for indoor air pollution, and the surface involved is also very wide. Mainly can be divided into: chemical pollution, physical pollution, biological pollution in three aspects.

  1. Chemical pollution mainly comes from indoor decorative materials used for decoration and decoration, such as: artificial boards, various paints, coatings, adhesives and furniture. The main pollutants are formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other organic substances and ammonia. Inorganic substances such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide;
  2. Physical pollution mainly comes from the building itself, granite stone, some sanitary ware and household appliances, etc. The main pollutants are radioactive materials and electromagnetic radiation;
  3. Biological pollution is mainly caused by walls, carpets, etc., which are more humid and mild in the living room. The main pollutants are bacteria and germs.

Second, what are the hazards of air pollution?

Indoor air pollution and hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and obesity are among the top ten threats to human health. Indoor environmental pollution has caused 35.7% of respiratory diseases, 22% of chronic lung diseases and 15% of bronchitis, bronchitis and lung cancer. Indoor air pollution has become one of the five environmental factors that pose the greatest public health hazard. In recent years, chemical, physical, and biological pollution have increased. The annual death caused by indoor air pollution can reach 111,000, the number of outpatients is 220,000, and the number of emergency ambulances is 4.3 million. Serious indoor air pollution has also caused huge economic losses.

Third, why is the pollution in summer more serious?

  1. In the summer, air conditioners are commonly used to reduce the temperature. The door and window of the room are closed tightly, and the indoor air exchange rate is relatively low.
  2. Some toxic and harmful gases increase in the case of high temperature and humidity in summer. Japanese indoor environmental experts have shown that when the indoor temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, indoor toxic and harmful gases are released the most.
  3. The impact of summer weather changes. In summer, the temperature in the air is relatively large, and the air pressure is relatively low, so that the pair of indoor air and outdoor air are correspondingly reduced, which easily causes the retention of the polluting gas.
  4. In summer, the human body’s own metabolism and the volatile components of various domestic wastes increase, which further increases indoor air pollution. The indoor environment test results of households and office buildings in the Beijing area in the past two years from the indoor environmental monitoring center found that indoors in summer air pollution is more than 20% higher than other seasons.

Fourth, 12 kinds of performance caused by indoor environmental pollution:

  1. I feel depressed, sick, and even dizzy when I wake up every morning;
  2. Family members are often prone to catch a cold;
  3. No smoking, and little exposure to the smoking environment, but often feel uncomfortable, have a foreign body sensation, and have poor breathing;
  4. Children often cough, sneeze, and immunity decline, and newly renovated houses are reluctant to go back;
  5. The family often has skin allergies and other problems, and is mass-generating;
  6. The family has a disease, and after leaving the environment, the symptoms change and improve;
  7. Newlyweds are not pregnant for a long time and cannot find the cause;
  8. Pregnant women find fetal malformations under normal conditions;
  9. After the new move or new decoration, the indoor plants are not easy to live, the leaves are prone to yellowing and withering, especially some plants with strong vitality are difficult to grow normally;
  10. After the new move, domestic pet cats, dogs, and even tropical fish died inexplicably, and the neighbors did the same;
  11. When I go to work, I feel sore throat, dry airway, dizziness, fatigue, and no problem after work.
  12. Newly renovated homes and office rooms or newly bought homes have pungent, pungent and other irritating odors, and they still smell for more than a year.

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