Installing a home air purifier and the ‘unique’ meaning you don’t know

Installing a home air purifier and the ‘unique’ meaning you don’t know

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Why install an air purifier? I believe that everyone is very clear. Whether it is smog or indoor air pollution will endanger our physical and mental health. In the past, we may not be aware of the harm caused by air pollution, but now we understand the seriousness of air pollution through information, we need to install an air purifier.

Let’s start by understanding the hazards of air pollution: haze hazards, autumn and winter seasons, the past to see the ash weather, just as a meteorological thing, I do not know that in this environment, the suspended particles in the air exceeds the standard, presenting one State. In the past, smog caused serious illnesses, not only in the United Kingdom, but also in the United States. Because of industrial pollution, the quality of the air environment has become such a hazy weather that causes various respiratory diseases. You can’t ignore the health of your body because the smog is not serious. Especially for sensitive physique, the impact of haze is greater. Indoor formaldehyde hazard. Because they are aware of the dangers of haze, countries have begun to pay attention to environmental protection, but indoor air pollution has always been a place we often overlook, and it is also the area that is currently the most harmful. New home decoration and furniture replacement will cause various air pollution, especially formaldehyde. Moreover, the incubation time of formaldehyde can be as long as ten years, and the damage to the health of the body is also the most serious. Excessive formaldehyde can cause dizziness, vomiting, etc., which can cause death or cancer. During this period of time, because of the excessive indoor formaldehyde in the home, a series of topics have arisen. This shows that the indoor air pollution is very harmful. We need to pay attention to it. Otherwise, it is too late when the damage is caused.

I think with the popularity of air pollution, everyone is no stranger to air purifiers. Most of the effects of air purifiers are familiar. In fact, in addition to purifying the air, the air purifier has a role that you can’t imagine. The air purifier also relieves the symptoms of insomnia and makes sleep more fragrant.

We all know that good sleep quality can supplement the body’s energy, enhance its own resistance, promote the normal growth and development of the human body, and make the body fully rested. It is extremely important to protect people’s mental health and maintain their normal psychological activities. Why do air purifiers improve sleep?

Many friends who have used air purifiers feel that their sleep is much better than before using air purifiers. What is this?

Psychological research reveals that the natural environment experience can bring some positive effects, which also explains why in the rainy days, or listening to the natural wind, water, birds and so on, can make people feel relaxed and easy to fall asleep. The air purifier can not only purify various pollutants in the indoor air, including PM2.5, formaldehyde, and viruses, but also help to create a safe sleeping environment. It can also simulate the natural environment to some extent by releasing negative ions. Promote coordination between people and the home, so that people get a good night’s sleep in the right environment.

However, not all air purifiers can help sleep. The data shows that in the sleep mode of only 35.6 decibels, the OLANSI air purifier has achieved nearly 300m3/h particulate matter CADR and 235m3/h. This set of data represents that it can reach many air purifiers at the lowest wind speed. The performance achieved by wind speed is extremely fast! At this time, its applicable area is as high as 35.5 square meters. Even considering the indoor air exchange discount, it can also apply to the bedroom of 30 square meters! In addition, the OLANSI air purifier can also Thousands of negative ions are released in seconds, which can effectively improve the function of the cerebral cortex and have a good effect on improving sleep and neurasthenia.

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