Is Ashes caused by PM2.5?

Is Ashes caused by PM2.5?

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Although the particles in the air are invisible to the naked eye, the particles can reduce the visibility of the air, make the blue sky disappear, and the sky becomes a gray one. This weather is gray sky. In ash days, the concentration of PM2.5 is significantly higher than usual, and the higher the concentration of PM2.5, the lower the visibility .

Although different sizes of particles in the air can reduce visibility, the finer PM2.5 is more capable of reducing visibility than coarse particles. The reduction in visibility is essentially a hindrance to the transmission of visible light. When the diameter of the particles is close to the wavelength of visible light, the particles have the strongest ability to scatter light. The wavelength of visible light is between 0.4 and 0.7 microns, and particles with particle sizes near this size are the main components of PM2.5. The theoretical calculations also clearly show this: the extinction coefficient of coarse particles is about 0.6 m2/g, while the extinction coefficient of PM2.5 is much larger, between 1.25-10 m 2 /g, of which PM2. The extinction coefficients of ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate and organic particles, which are the main components of 5, are all about 3, which is five times that of coarse particles. Therefore, PM2.5 is the main reason for the reduced visibility of ash day.

It is worth mentioning that the ash day is caused by particulate matter pollution, while the foggy weather is a natural weather phenomenon, and there is no necessary connection with man-made pollution. The main difference between the two is air humidity, which is usually called fog when the humidity is greater than 90%, and sputum when the humidity is less than 80%, and a mixture of smog when the humidity is between 80-90%.

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