Is it effective to remove formaldehyde using an air purifier?

Is it effective to remove formaldehyde using an air purifier?

After the home decoration\office renovation, the most important job left is to add furniture. In the process of adding furniture, the most worrying issue is the problem of formaldehyde, especially the formaldehyde content of some furniture exceeds the standard, and the consequences are unimaginable. In order to get formaldehyde, many people recommend using an air purifier to remove formaldehyde on the Internet. Is it effective to use formaldehyde in addition to air purifiers?

I. About furniture and air purifiers
In daily life, formaldehyde is a common condition after renovation. We all know that various materials will be used in the decoration. If the quality of the materials is poor and the manufacturer is not regular, it is likely that formaldehyde will exceed the standard and cause harm to the human body.

The new furniture purchased is actually no less than the formaldehyde content of the decoration. In particular, in order to save money, some owners will buy some cheap sheet metal furniture. This furniture is made of wood board and glue. The formaldehyde content in the glue is the most, and it is the easiest to exceed the standard, which brings danger to the residents. To avoid excessive formaldehyde, we must ensure the quality of the furniture.

However, even if everyone can guarantee the quality of a single piece of furniture, formaldehyde within a reasonable range, it is impossible to ensure that the formaldehyde content of the furniture in the whole house is within a reasonable range. If it is qualified, the ten items may exceed the standard. In addition, the incubation period of formaldehyde is very long, generally, three to fifteen years is possible, if it is not solved, the damage is very large.

Many people now buy air purifiers to improve the air quality of their homes. In modern air purifiers, some technologies for removing formaldehyde, such as activated carbon filters, photocatalyst technology, and negative ions, are added.

Second, how long is the air purifier open?
In order to save electricity, many families often feel that it is enough to open the air purifier for two or three hours a day. In fact, the air purifier does not consume much power and can set the sleep mode. The user does not need to worry about the power consumption of the user. However, if you only open two or three hours a day, it is not effective for removing formaldehyde from newly renovated or newly-furnished homes.

3. Can the air purifier remove formaldehyde?
The top 10 home air purifier is mainly an indoor micro-circulation filter device, which can enhance the freshness of the indoor air for the sealed space. It can help remove formaldehyde, but it can’t put all the hope on the air purifier.

The air purifier test results of the relevant departments reflect that some air purifiers can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in the air, but the purification rate is very slow. They also proposed that in order to reduce the risk of formaldehyde over-standard, in addition to paying attention to the function of the air purifier, the focus is to start from reducing pollution sources.

All in all, according to the performance evaluation of the 10 air purifiers on the market, the relevant departments showed that formaldehyde could not be removed at all. Even if some high-quality air purifiers can purify formaldehyde, the rate of formaldehyde removal is very slow. Some users think that it is enough to open an air purifier for two or three hours a day. As a result, the formaldehyde content is still exceeding the standard. Air purifiers are not the best choice for removing formaldehyde.

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