Is it necessary to install a reverse osmosis water machine?

Is it necessary to install a reverse osmosis water machine?

The impact of common pollutants in the water on the human body
Lead: It is harmful to the kidneys and nervous system, and has high toxicity and carcinogenicity to children. Cadmium: Acute damage to the kidneys.
Arsenic: It is harmful to the skin, nervous system, etc., and carcinogenicity has been confirmed.
Mercury: It is very harmful to the human body. The main organs of injury are the kidney and the central nervous system. Selenium: High concentrations can harm the muscles and nervous system.
Nitrite: causes cardiovascular disease, the most obvious impact of infants (blue baby), carcinogenic.
Carbon tetrachloride (organic matter): It has a wide-ranging effect on human health, is carcinogenic, and has a great impact on liver and kidney function.
Trichloromethane (chloroform): Chloroform has the greatest impact on human health, and chloroform can be poisoned by inhalation, oral or skin contact. Chloroform is a stimulant that inhibits the central nervous system and the heart system and can cause toxicity to the liver and kidneys. In the literature, someone who ate 10 cc caused coma and death.

The role of reverse osmosis water purifier
The main function of the household reverse osmosis water purifier is to isolate the harmful microbial pathogens and heavy metal ions through the reverse osmosis process of the core component, RO reverse osmosis membrane and collect and supply the pure water for human consumption. The water from the reverse osmosis pure water machine can be directly consumed.
Summary: Water is the source of life. Although it does not directly make us feel the effect, it is actually used in our lives. Therefore, for the healthy life of family and oneself, please use healthy water.

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