Is the air purifier effective? Is the air purifier useful?

Is the air purifier effective? Is the air purifier useful?

Is the air purifier effective? Although air purifiers are so popular, they are so popular among consumers, but they still cause suspicion of bad people. The main function of air purifiers is to effectively improve the cleanliness of the air. Then the following small series will lead everyone to understand.

Is the air purifier effective?

The home air purifier has a certain purifying effect on air impurities, but it does not have the ability to completely purify, because it can not circulate the air in the whole room, such as two rooms and one hall, and can only circulate air in one space for purification.

For example, when someone passes by, they will feel the wind caused by the air flow. If two people are far away, they will not feel the wind.

The air purifier can only make local air flow, so it can only be partially cleaned. Therefore, airborne impurities such as particulate matter (such as PM2.5) and decoration contaminants (such as formaldehyde) in the air cannot be completely removed.

Then, in the range where the household air purifier can be purified, can air impurities be solved? The air purifier can solve the particulate matter of 0.3 micron and above in the air, but it cannot solve the decoration pollutants in the air.

The direct reason is that the purification speed of most air purifiers is less than the volatilization speed of the decoration pollution source. The fundamental reason is that the air purifier does not solve the volatilization source of gaseous decoration pollutants.

Is the air purifier useful?

For all new houses, formaldehyde will be produced after renovation. Many users know that the newly renovated houses cannot be checked in immediately. They must be ventilated for a long time to stay. If you want to stay in a new house in a short time. In fact, at this time you can consider putting an air purifier in the newly renovated house, so that the harmful gases such as formaldehyde in the new house can be quickly cleaned.

In fact, many people are now useful for air purifiers. There is a certain question in this question. The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, a fan, and an air filter. When working, the motor and fan in the machine. The air in the room will flow, and the polluted air will be sucked into the machine, and the various contaminated areas in the air will be removed by the air filter inside the machine. Nowadays, there are many new air purifiers that use a negative ion generator in the outlet of the air purifier. It can continuously ionize the air and eventually produce a large amount of negative ions, which are then sent out to the machine through the fan. Achieve clean and clean air.

The general validity period of an air purifier is about 12 months or a year, but the expiration date after opening is greatly reduced to about 3 to 6 months. The air purification product of the activated carbon adsorption function in the air purifier is very effective in a short period of time, but since the activated carbon needs to be replaced every two months or so, the cost will be high if used for a long time. Therefore, when selecting an air purifier, you should consider what kind of air purifier your family needs, which is cost-effective.

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