Is the air purifier useful?

Is the air purifier useful?

After the hot summer, the autumn and winter seasons followed. For this season, what do you know most about everyone? In addition to the wind and frost, it must be smog and extreme weather. Whether it is the South or the North, entering the autumn and winter season, the smog weather is always accompanied by us. To this end, I believe that many friends who are aware of air pollution have already prepared an best room air purifier for mold. Is the air purifier useful? Although the friends bought the air purifier, they still hesitated about the purification ability and effect of the best room air purifier for smoke.

Is the air purifier useful? It is well known that for haze weather, it is an indisputable fact that air purifiers can filter out or kill air pollutants and effectively improve the quality of air. Since I mentioned the air purifier, today I will tell you about this air purifier. See if the air purifier is used and used correctly.

Is the air purifier useful? How do we properly use the air purifier to not only ensure fresh air, but also extend the life of the air purifier. In the use of the air purifier, avoid the following misunderstandings, the air purifier can play a greater role; is the air purifier useful? Take a look at the 7 major mistakes that the department has chosen for you to share.

Myth 1: The bigger the appearance of the air purifier, the better.
In the choice of air purifiers, some people think that the larger the appearance of the air purifier, the better the purification effect, which is not the case. The purification efficiency of the air purifier is not directly related to the size of the appearance. Because the air purifier that chooses too much space takes up space, the second one does not achieve the desired purification effect. Of course, everything can’t be generalized. An exception is the Air Purifier 882. The appearance of the 882 is large, the working area of ​​the internal filter is also quite large, and the removal rate can fully achieve the purification effect of 99.9%. (Selected 882 air purifier is a professional air purifier product designed for formaldehyde, with the 4.0 technology composite HEPA peptidomimetic aldehyde removal technology as the core technology, the contact peptide has a strong decomposition ability)
Myth 2: I have never bought an air purifier before I bought it.
When the air purifier is used for a long time, it will absorb some substances such as dust and fluff in the air, so it should be cleaned at the air inlet, fan, etc.

Myth 3: A pair of filter cartridges took a long time
For some users, buying a purifier may be once and for all, no longer paying attention to the operation of the air purifier, which is obviously wrong. Especially for the filter element, it is necessary to pay attention to it at all times, otherwise it will not only have no effect, but also damage the purifier. Generally, the user chooses to replace the filter element 6 months.

Myth 4: Regardless of the severity of the weather pollution, it is recommended to keep the air purifier in standby.
In fact, many friends think that air purifiers are only used when the air pollution is serious or the indoor air pollution is serious. This is not right. To maintain good indoor air quality, it is recommended to keep the air purifier in standby for a long time. After all, the purification of the air purifier requires a process, and it is impossible to open it immediately.

Myth 5: Air purifiers are placed everywhere, not paying attention to safety
It is also undesirable for most users to place or place the air purifier directly against the wall. Wall placement limits air circulation and reduces work efficiency; since the air purifier first absorbs harmful substances in the air and then filters through the filter element to discharge the filtered air, it is recommended that the purifier be placed in a certain position with the wall. the distance.

Myth 6: Unreasonable window ventilation
I bought an air purifier, and we don’t recommend closing the doors and windows all day long. This is unscientific and not good for your health. The department chose to remind us that while using the air purifier, we also need to choose the appropriate time period to open the window for air exchange. The air purifier plays the role of purification without oxygen. Especially in the newly renovated house, the air is tight and the fresh air cannot be injected.

Myth 7: It is not necessary to turn off the air purifier when sleeping and resting.
When the air purifier is running, it does generate noise. However, when using the purifier during a break or sleeping at night, you can turn on sleep mode (quiet mode) so that it does not affect the quality of sleep.

Is the air purifier useful? The pollution situation of the big environment cannot be controlled by ourselves. We need everyone to work together. However, when the fog is severe, we can use air purifiers to protect the respiratory health of our indoor small environment. Is the air purifier useful? The selection of the department, for the health of you and your family, to have a better purification efficiency of the air purifier, it is necessary to use and operate scientifically and reasonably.

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