Is the air purifier useful? Can an air purifier kill a bacterial virus?

Is the air purifier useful? Can an air purifier kill a bacterial virus?

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of our country’s economic level, everyone is very concerned about their own health, especially in terms of respiratory health. In recent years, many large and medium-sized cities have been affected by smog weather due to serious environmental damage, resulting in a significant increase in the number of patients with respiratory diseases. The understanding of air purifiers has also become familiar with strangers, but many people still hold a Doubtful attitude, after all, they do not understand the air purifier, and have not used the air purifier. Is the air purifier useful? It has always been a question of many friends. Here I can definitely confirm that the air purifier is very effective and the effect is very good. Many people have started using air purifiers at home to avoid smog, particulate matter, second-hand smoke and so on. Some experts have suggested that even in the days when there is no haze, you should use an air purifier to take care of your breathing. The author is deeply convinced, but it is best to buy a brand of trusted air purifiers, so as to ensure the effect, then some people ask so many viruses and bacteria, air purifiers can kill bacteria and viruses, and some air purifiers Yes, some can’t, this species depends on the brand’s product description. The following air purifiers recommended to everyone can kill bacteria and viruses.

One of the trusted air purifier brands OLANSI air purifier
OLANSI is one of the top ten high-end air purifier manufacturers in China and the most mature air purifier enterprise in the industry. As the world’s first brand engaged in the development of air pollution control and purifier products, Stewart Air Purifier has the status of “leader” in the industry and has won international brand awards and related science and technology awards for many times. Top ten brands of air purifiers.
OLANSI’s latest product, K15B, has a CADR value of up to 800m 3 /h and a CADR value of up to 400m 3 /h. It is developed using British mother-infant technology combined with China’s air condition, using light-sensing technology and pure natural coconut shell activated carbon, not only improving The air purification accuracy has further improved the product experience. Stewart’s air purifier products are very popular in the current market. In addition to the high brand awareness, influence and product quality, they have been well received by consumers. Stewart adheres to the mission of “born for the health of the world”, adheres to the development idea of ​​“continuous transcendence, self-newness and newness”, and aims to “create a leading purification enterprise and achieve the century-old brand of Stewart” and contribute to the whole society. the power of.

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