Is the air purifier useful? What kinds are there?

Is the air purifier useful? What kinds are there?

When people talk about the living environment of today, the smoggy weather continues to increase, and many people feel uncomfortable. The sky is not as blue as before, and the sun is not as bright as before. At the end of the day, it is because of the acceleration of the industrialization process, the development of the transportation industry, etc., which has caused serious damage to the environment.

The air that people breathe every day is always faintly containing a chemical smell, which inevitably has many substances that cause harm to the human body, such as formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, soot, etc. These harmful substances are very common in daily life. Exhaust from cars, adhesives for interior decoration, and fumes from kitchens are unavoidable, but they are always harmful to our health.

In the case of increasingly serious air pollution, finding ways to effectively solve indoor air pollution has become a problem for many families. In addition to planting some green plants, improve indoor air quality. Using air purifiers to improve indoor air quality has become the choice of many families. The use of air purifiers has greatly reduced the toxic substances that people suffer in their daily lives. It can be said that in a minute and a second, a strong green respiratory barrier has been placed for the people. Therefore, many modern people who are pursuing a healthy life have begun to pay attention to the best small room air purifier for allergies products.

Whether on TV or on shopping mall posters, many merchants have advertised best rated small room air purifiers with high-efficiency air purification. This makes consumers involuntarily ask: Is the air purifier really useful? In this regard, Xiaobian brought two popular air purifiers. In the environmental quality testing laboratory, the energy efficiency of the air purifier was tested experimentally. Two air purifiers were placed under the sealed space, and the PM2 was passed through the smoke generator. .5 The particle value was increased to about 400. After running the air purifier for ten minutes, the test results showed that the concentration of respirable particulate matter in the first compartment was reduced by 80%, and the concentration of inhalable particulate matter in the second compartment was reduced by 82%. It can be seen from the experimental results that the air purifier can effectively reduce the inhalable particulate matter.

In fact, the current air purifiers we commonly see on the market can be divided into the following three types according to the direction of the purification mode;
The first type is active-moving purification. The motor drives the fan to circulate the indoor air. After the polluted air passes through the filter in the machine, various pollutants are intercepted or decomposed and adsorbed. The active air purifier has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, high speed, and comprehensive purification effect, and can be used in the household, which can not only filter dust and particles, but also volatile gases such as VOC in the air and formaldehyde. Purify, kill bacteria and viruses that are free in the air, and improve indoor air quality.
The second type of passive purification is that there is no need to place a filter. Electrostatic adsorption technology is generally used to generate current from high voltage to break down bacteria, viruses and particulate matter that are free in the air. Since the passive air purifier does not have a fan or a strainer, there is no need to replace the filter material. However, this method only purifies the air around the purifier, and the purification efficiency and effect are not as good as the active air purifier.
The third type is the double purification type, that is, active purification and passive purification are involved at the same time. However, due to the safety problems caused by the composite type, it is currently not popularized in household products.
The above is the working principle of some air purifiers. I believe that through the data demonstration of scientific experiments and the introduction of the working principle, consumers will add another point to the understanding of air purifiers. At the same time, in the purchase process of everyone, there is also some reference information.

Is the air purifier useful? What kinds are there?

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