Is the car air purifier useful?

Is the car air purifier useful?

This is a question that we often ask, but the answers we get are not the same, but people who have used car air purifiers are generally very useful. I use them myself and it feels good. I consider three aspects when I purchase an air purifier:
First, whether the placement in the car is safe, convenient and safe is the primary consideration. Because, if it is not convenient to place it in the car or there is a safety hazard after placement, no matter how good the air purifier I will not buy. First of all, I will consider the size of the machine. Currently, the car air purifiers on the market are mostly flat and a few are specially placed. When purchasing, it is important to pick a machine that is not easy to move with the car and move the position, that is, it is convenient to fix and fix it.
Second, whether the air purification in the car is comprehensive, efficient and convenient, safety is the most basic consideration, and the purification effect is the key determinant. Current vehicle air purifiers are generally classified into two types: “filter” purification and “ion group” purification. Filter cleaning, mainly through the fan to pump air into the machine, through the filter for air filtration purification. Ion group purification mainly uses ion generators to ejection groups into the air to actively purify air pollution. If the filter-type machine air duct design is scientific, it is very important. Because there are many “obstructions” in the car, if you want to comprehensively purify the air in every part of the car, you need a scientific air duct design. If you choose an ion air purifier, you need a more scientific style of the air duct.
Third, whether the new features meet the needs 1. Antibacterial virus removal function. It can effectively remove bacteria and viruses in the car and effectively prevent diseases such as influenza. 2. Beauty skin is anti-fatigue. Due to work needs, travel needs, and even traffic jams, people spend a lot of time in the car every day, prone to fatigue, and skin problems come along. Therefore, a skin with anti-fatigue function Car air purifiers is concerned by people with healthy skin and mental health. 3. Solar energy function. Since the current cigarette lighter in the car is only one, the use of other vehicle-mounted electronic devices such as a navigator, a reversing radar, an MP4, etc., is inconvenient for the owner to use the air purifier.
Fourth, whether the appearance conforms to the interior decoration and purchase of the car air purifier, the choice of appearance should be coordinated with the interior decoration and the overall design of the car. 1. Good horse with a good saddle. When people choose car accessories, they follow this principle. When purchasing products that are sufficient and atmospheric, elegant, and pleasing purifiers are placed in front of the driver’s seat, you will also have a good mood all the way. 2. Art styling improves the taste. If the shape of the car air purifier is more artistic, choose an art air purifier to improve your image in front of friends and relatives.
The machine adopts HEPA and activated carbon combination filter, which can efficiently adsorb particles and decompose harmful gases such as TVOC, formaldehyde, and benzene in the air. Tested by authoritative organizations, the removal rate of volatile gas pollutants reached 99.5%, and the removal rate of the refractory virus reached 99.7%. It has the highest evolutionary efficiency in the same type of products, and the product also has a negative ion function!

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