Is the RF beauty instrument really useful?

Is the RF beauty instrument really useful?

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The RF Beauty Instrument is an instrument for cleaning and nursing facial skin. A regular and effective beauty instrument can make the facial skin look more moisturized, shiny, and firm skin, prevent the pores from becoming thick.

Beauty equipment has no effect? Maybe you used the wrong way

1.Massage tools can only be used when the skin is wet.

When using a massage tool, pay attention to changing the different massage techniques according to the beauty needs, in order to meet the needs of the face and different parts of the body, and at the same time, the skin must be moist (including just used skin care products) to make it work.

2. Light therapy equipment is best to dry the face before use

Don’t think that it is wrong to first apply the product and then illuminate the phototherapy. In fact, the skin care products are oily, and the water is also reflective, and when the light encounters these two, it will refract, and then it will not be concentrated. So, in order to get good results, before using the phototherapy equipment, dry your face and use it!

3. The importer should be matched with the essence of the skin care products

The introducer should be paired with the essence of the skin care products, and whitening skin care products that are easy to cause skin irritation are not recommended. Rotating function cleansing instrument, with general cleansing products, should not be used with exfoliating or granular cleaning products.

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