Is the value of the cleansing instrument not worth buying? Is it really cleaner than ‘hand wash’? 

Is the value of the cleansing instrument not worth buying? Is it really cleaner than ‘hand wash’?

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In the past two years, the ‘cleansing instrument’ that is hot, I believe that many people have already tried it, or are eager to try it! So today I will talk to you about the cleansing instrument:


Is the cleansing face really cleaner than hand washing?

Of course it is cleaner! Because the usual hand wash only washes away the dirt on the skin surface, there is no way to clean up the deep oil and dirt! The cleansing instrument can make a deep cleansing of the pores through bristles and vibrations, especially those with large pores, blackheads and strong oil secretion. You should choose a cleansing instrument to clean the skin!


What is the difference in the frequency of using a cleansing device for different skin types?

General cleansing instrument, oily acne muscle can be used 4 to 5 times a week, dry skin can be used 2 to 3 times a week, and sensitive skin should be carefully selected.


What should I choose for a cleansing device?

First of all, choose a cleansing instrument or be cautious, after all, it is used on the face! Don’t choose the so-called “Net Red” cleansing instrument on the Internet for dozens of dollars. It is easy to get rid of the face. Then choose the cleansing instrument to see the bristles and silicone material. The bristles must be soft and dense, and the area can be larger. The thick bristles are suitable for deep cleaning, and the bristles are suitable for gentle cleaning. The material can be selected from silica gel and can pass sound waves well. The pulsating way gently cleans up the dirt~

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