It is also useful without PM2.5. The air purifier can not only prevent flooding

It is also useful without PM2.5. The air purifier can not only prevent flooding

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PM2.5, under the “round robbery” propaganda by various news media and manufacturers, our ordinary consumers finally have a certain understanding of it. The main components of the “haze” we know are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and inhalation. The three substances in the particulate matter, the last one of the three is the true body of PM2.5, that is, the particles with a particle size below 2.5 microns, which is also the particle size value currently monitored in China.

In the autumn and winter seasons, in order to prevent the smog of the sudden rise, the air purifier has become a must-have home appliance product, and in the spring and summer season when the smog is not so serious, many users will put the purifier in the house on the shelf, no longer used. However, to remind you that even if the outdoor smog is not so serious, the indoor air quality is still not optimistic.

  1. Summer high temperature accelerates formaldehyde volatilization

Three days of attack, as the highest temperature in the year and hot and humid days, naturally not many people like this “smouldering” weather. However, the heat is not the most annoying. Indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases will accelerate the evaporation in high temperature environment, posing a serious threat to our respiratory health. How to prevent this “invisible killer”?

The decoration process may produce a lot of formaldehyde pollution

Similar to other indoor pollutants, the release cycle of formaldehyde is quite long, and may even reach more than ten years. Many users use green plant or charcoal adsorption to remove formaldehyde. These methods may have a certain effect in a short period of time, but the removal of formaldehyde is a “protracted war”, and it is far from enough to rely on green plants and charcoal.

  1. Ubiquitous allergens

I don’t know if readers have this feeling. In recent years, the number of allergic patients has increased significantly. This is not a problem with our immune system, but the result of rapid deterioration of the surrounding environment. , dust, pollen and dust mites.

In addition to pollen, many allergens are not seasonal.

Except that pollen only occurs in spring and summer, the harm of other allergens is not seasonal. They pose a serious threat to our respiratory health at any time, causing strong allergic reactions and respiratory dysfunction, and may even lead to death. Its harmfulness cannot be ignored.

In addition, many users in the summer love the air conditioner, and it is customary to open the air conditioner in a closed room to enjoy the coolness. However, while the air is cool, the indoors will not accumulate a large amount of pollutants and odors, which is harmful to the human body.

This is why it is repeatedly emphasized that the role of air purifiers is not limited to the prevention and control of smog. In the spring and summer, more attention should be paid to the removal of indoor formaldehyde and allergens, so how should the air purifier be selected?

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