More attention to indoor air pollution – Olans air purifier!

More attention to indoor air pollution – Olans air purifier!

Home, this is the warmest paradise for people.

But if your family has such a thing, it is no longer a warm paradise.

Indirect smoking

Passive smoking is the main cause of air pollution. It contains many harmful substances, such as nicotine, tar and hydrogen cyanide, which increase the risk of cancer.

Indoor pollutant discharge

Decorative materials, which also release formaldehyde, radon, ammonia, benzene and other TOVC harmful gases.

Long-term exposure to small amounts of formaldehyde can lead to chronic respiratory diseases, menstrual problems, pregnancy syndrome, low-birth newborns, chromosomal abnormalities, and even nasopharyngeal cancer. Leukemia, skin cancer, and other respiratory diseases.

Kitchen Smoke

After cooking, some people often have symptoms of anorexia, odorless, thirst, dizziness, eyes, nose, and sore throat.

Long-term inhalation of kitchen smoke can damage cell membranes and cause lipid degeneration, leading to increased heart and blood disease or cancer.

There’s always a lot of room air pollution around our family. You can’t see or even touch it, but it always makes you feel uncomfortable.

Olan’s air purifier uses the most advanced technology to eliminate indoor air pollution and make the home warmer and more loving.

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