Negative ion air purifier, artifacts that do not cause secondary pollution

Negative ion air purifier, artifacts that do not cause secondary pollution

The well-known filter-type air purifier absorbs dust or particles in the air by fan suction + filter filtering. The service life of the filter is generally about 3 months. After the filter is saturated, it is necessary to replace the new network in time. In order to maintain the original purification efficiency of the hot sale air purifier. However, due to different environmental pollution levels and different working hours, the replacement of the filter will not be timely. If the filter replacement is delayed, the pollutants are discharged again into the indoor air, causing secondary pollution.

In addition, electrostatic precipitator air purifiers also have secondary pollution problems. Due to the use of ionized air, ozone and nitrogen oxides, which are harmful to the human body, are generated, which brings secondary pollution to the room.

The negative ion air purifier is an innovative air purifier that emerges after the filter-type, electrostatic precipitator air purifier. The artificial generation of negative ions has gone through a long process. Most of the negative ion generators popular in the early market use the bipolar corona discharge technology and the unipolar electron injection technology to generate air negative ions. The negative ion concentration generated by this method is not high, the expansion performance is poor, and ozone is generated, causing secondary pollution.

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