OLANSI Air Purifier Air Purification Air Cleaner Market Future Development Expectation

OLANSI Air Purifier Air Purification Air Cleaner Market Future Development Expectation


Olansi company introduction
With the general promotion of air purifiers and the increase in market demand, the market for indoor air purification products has entered a period of rapid growth. The endless stream of products has made the indoor environment purification and treatment become a hot emerging industry, and some new types of air purification with more perfect functions. The device has also been continuously studied in depth to meet the needs of residents. Looking at the research progress of air purifiers at home and abroad, the current research direction of the air purifiers of Olansi air purifier manufacturers is mainly in the following aspects.

  1. Functional diversity

Through the data analysis of the research team of Olansi, we can know that the air purifier products launched by various manufacturers have recently become more advanced and functionally diverse. Since its inception, Olansi products have started from a single dust collection to multiple purifications, emphasizing the development trend of future air purifiers, and the diversity of functions can better improve the purification effect while satisfying a variety of consumer needs.

  1. The structure and performance are further optimized

Consumers hope that the miniaturization of the original purifier can reduce the occupied space. The structure is simple, which facilitates the installation and operation and improves the visual aesthetics. The air purifier manufacturer Olansi will pay attention to the user experience and research on new miniaturized power sources, high-efficiency electrostatic fields and fluid flow fields. In addition, product maintenance, replacement of related components (such as cleaning dust collectors) is also an important research aspect of Olansi.

  1. Intelligent and control technology

Consumers pay more and more attention to product practicability and convenience when purchasing air purifiers. Olansi combines intelligent technology with home appliances, making the operation of the air purifier more convenient and simple. The application of control technology in air purifiers can automatically adjust the degree of decontamination based on the degree of indoor air pollution.

  1. Exploring new efficient adsorbents and improving the service life of filter materials

At present, the commonly used air purifiers in the market include granular activated carbon, activated carbon fiber, molecular sieves, porous clay ore, activated alumina, and silica gel. Olansi further explores new types of highly efficient adsorbents based on the improvement of purification efficiency. Improve the service life of filter materials and promote the development trend of air purifiers.

  1. Reduce the ozone concentration at the outlet of the purifier

Olansi R & D center is committed to the study of ozone purification disciplines, in the premise of ensuring the bactericidal effect of ozone purifiers, reduce the release of its concentration in the room, reducing the harm of secondary pollution.

  1. Man-machine coordination

With the improvement of people’s consumption concept, consumers pay more attention to the man-machine coordination of products, and Olansi brings comfort and health to the user experience.

  1. Environmental protection and energy saving

Environmental protection and energy saving are the common directions for all product technologies. Whether it is energy or material resources, low utilization will result in waste of resources. Increasing the environmental performance of the purifier by increasing the service life of the purification equipment, reducing the frequency of filter replacement, increasing the recycling rate, reducing energy consumption, and reducing waste generation will be a key project for the future development of the company.


The above is the development expectation and definition of the air purifier in the future of the air purifier manufacturer Olansi, please declare it.

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