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Recently, the haze of the weather caused by the increase in physical discomfort, experts advise the public: haze in the weather of various pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, dust, ozone, the greater harm to human health, to minimize the time of outdoor activities. However, long stay in the city closed room, people will feel dizzy, the reason is that the indoor air is not enough circulation, the air repeated in the indoor cycle of the “pure”.

Recall, when the forest to the sea, waterfalls and other places, we will feel refreshed, experts said that this is the role of negative air ions. Air negative ions, also known as negative oxygen ions, refers to the excess electrons and negatively charged oxygen ions, which is formed by the combination of oxygen molecules in the air with free electrons. Natural discharge (lightning) phenomenon, photoelectric effect, fountains, waterfalls and so can make the surrounding air ionization, the formation of negative oxygen ions. “Pure” negative oxygen ions in the medical profession to enjoy “vitamin oxygen” “air vitamin” “longevity” “air vitamin” etc,

So, the haze of the weather in the room, how can we have “pure” negative ion air allergen air purifier? It is reported that Olansi K08 best whole house air purifier is Olansi to the world’s five largest longevity of one of Guangxi Bama’s longevity environment Basis, restore the reproduction of Bama air indicators, after years of research and development.


Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 Negative Ion Air Cleaner highest rated air purifier uses the ENI anion accelerator technology and the nano fullerene ion release technology to simulate the natural principle of generating eco-type air negative ions equivalent to nature. Has five advantages: First, “pure”, the use of scientific 6000 volt negative voltage, resulting in no ozone, no static, no positive ion derived pure anion; the second is “fast”, original “ecological anion accelerator” can increase the negative ions The fourth is “concentrated” outlet negative ion concentration greater than 8 million / cm ^ 3; five is the “full encirclement” in particular to increase the negative ion migration power, the other is the ” Set “no volute centrifugal fan” to strengthen the negative ion bath environment.

Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 air purifier with humidifier net occurred in the negative ions, with no ozone, no positive ions, no static characteristics, equivalent to the negative ions in nature, for you to create a healthy “pure” micro-environment, so that you and Bama Take a healthy breath and enjoy nature at home.

It is understood that Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 the best air purifiers purifier since the market has been the trust of the vast number of consumers, and in June 2014 was the international CE certification. In the “China Light Product Quality Assurance Center” sponsored by the large-scale brand rating promotion activities, the Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 best air purifier for mold is won in one fell swoop won the “national qualified to assess the quality of reliable products” title.

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