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Every winter, with the advent of a wide range of haze weather, air purifier china sales soared all the way. It is understood that 80% of households buy air purifiers, mainly used for winter fog haze weather. So what about the summer air? Do you need an air purifier in summer?

According to the “China Family Ecological Environment Report” shows that China’s domestic indoor environment is not objective, in the monitoring of nine cities, the most formaldehyde in the family exceeded the standard, Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Xi’an exceeded the rate of nearly 80%. PM2.5 exceeded the standard after formaldehyde, Xi’an PM2.5 exceeded the rate of up to 100%.

At the same time, the release of formaldehyde is affected by temperature. Experiments show that the room temperature for each rise of 1 ℃, wooden furniture and flooring and other volatile formaldehyde will increase the concentration of formaldehyde in the air 0.15 to 0.37 times. In the summer indoor and outdoor are in high temperature and humidity, will accelerate the furniture and other decoration materials in the release of formaldehyde. To this end, experts call for the rational use in the summer with formaldehyde function of the air purifier, can improve and improve air quality and reduce indoor air pollution.

It is worth mentioning that, as China’s health industry hepa air purifier evergreen tree, the “longevity village” Guangxi Bama’s air environment simulation replication, from the choice of raw materials, physical modeling structure design, negative ion hair technology innovation, clear PM2.5 effect Testing, sterilization and anti-virus function upgrades and other aspects of the start, after repeated scientific testing and improvement, launched to reach the international leading level of eco-efficient usb cable air purifier –OLANSI K08 net negative ionizer air purifier.

OLANSI K08 negative wearable air purifier with ultra-fast purification of air, super-production of small particles of small ions and ultra-fast production of super-oxygen sterilization three major capacity. By the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention test certification, OLANSI K08 clean air purifier filter within one hour of cleaning effect indicators reached the international leading level, of which the removal rate of formaldehyde reached 81.3%, benzene removal effect reached 96.7%, PM2.5 Of the removal effect of up to 99.9%.

Although the public’s emphasis on the indoor environment has generally increased in recent years, most people still keep some wrong ideas and methods, and most residents are not scientifically aware of indoor pollution. “Olansi Healthcare  Industry  portable air purifier ozone air purifier is willing to work with more families to further study and manage family indoor issues and contribute to more family health.”

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