Olansi Healthcare Industry teaches you how to use the air purifier properly

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The winter climate is dry, frequent haze, the major hospitals, respiratory tract discomfort and other symptoms of the number of patients showed an increasing trend. In addition to wearing a mask in the outdoors, more and more families choose to install air purifiers to improve indoor air quality.

A randomized, double-blind crossover study conducted at Fudan University also shows that even short-term use of the purifier can improve the patient’s heart and lung health. After 48 hours of intervention, the concentration of PM2.5 in the room can be reduced, and the biomarker of human circulatory system inflammation, coagulation factor and vasoconstriction will be decreased.

It can be seen that the mi air purifier is indeed able to purify the air and protect our health.

But Olansi Healthcare Industry experts also remind you that onlyto use air purifier properly, in order to make it fully play a role, to achieve a multiplier effect.


Firstly is to open the time not less than half an hour. Air purifier air cleaner air purifier to open a short period of time, the indoor air there is a process of exchange, resulting in the original settlement of the larger pollutants on the ground and rose to the air, indoor air pollution does not fall, this process will last 20-30 minutes. Therefore, it is recommended that the time to open the green air purifier ionizer should not be shorter than half an hour.

Secondly, place the appropriate location. Air purifier sterhen portable ozone generator air purifier on the middle of the room to achieve the effect is the best, it is recommended not to rely on the walls or furniture placed, not too close to the body from the place, in particular, to avoid direct contact with children.

Thirdly, the timely replacement of filter. Different types of cleaners and different frequency of use will affect the filter replacement time. Can be home PM2.5 detector into the outlet, if the number is no longer reduce or drop is very small, or found that the purifier filter has been black, with your fingers gently touch can clearly see the dust off, it means that the For the core. In the air pollution is more serious areas, the use of relatively high frequency, the purifier filter is best to replace a few months.

Olansi Healthcare Industry developed the Olansi K08 negative air purifier manufacturer, the world’s first Bama air replication technology, set the natural level of negative ions, air purification, superoxide detoxification and other functions in one, to create a simulation longevity Guangxi Bama’s fresh air.

As we know, Olansi K08 negative air purifier portable unique design, easy to use: machine front panel red, yellow, green and blue lights show the color of the ambient air quality conditions, you can easily grasp the air quality; Safety protection design, open the front panel of the filter to replace the filter, the machine automatically cut off the power to ensure the use of security; four gears to cope with different air quality oem air purifier under the filtration needs, automatic mode, automatically capture the air pollution sources, and automatically adjusted to The appropriate wind speed, to achieve rapid purification, intelligent capture; with intelligent “core” prompt, when the filter dust must be cleaned or replaced, the corresponding filter replacement indicator will begin to flash, promptly remind the replacement filter; the same time, Timing switch design can be set according to the need to shut down time, easy to use.

Olansi K08 net negative ion air purifier by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention test certification, boot within one hour of purification effect indicators reached the international advanced level. At the same time, Olansi Healthcare Industry experts advise the indoor pollutant composition is complex, even if the home has smart air purifier, but also choose a day in the air quality is relatively good time ventilation.

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