Olansi helps you install and design hydrogen-rich RO water purifier for free

Olansi helps you install and design hydrogen-rich RO water purifier for free

Olansi Tomimizu RO water purifier

Three-stage Purification and Fuji Hydraulic and Hydraulic Solution

A PAC Combination Filter

It can remove large particles of pollutants, such as sediments, iron, and particles, remove odors of different colors, and remove chlorides.

2RO membrane

Remove bacteria, microbes, blisters, and other small pieces.

3 Carbon-rich filter

Absorption color is not good, smell more, increase the taste of water to clean water.

4 Rich Water Electrolysis

High concentrations of hydrogen can change water quality

Unique Profit

Plug-ins can be used to design it cheaply.

Three-stage purification: PAC combined filter + RO membrane + carbon enrichment filter.

Hydrogen-rich water filter electrolysis, hydrogen content: 2000 ppb (from data)

My own laboratory.

Small molecule water.

Negative forces.

Weak alkaline water.

Freshly boiled water heated rapidly for 3 seconds at infinite temperature

6-liter water tank

About  Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd was founded in Guangzhou in 2009.

We are a manufacturer of industrial air purifiers, water purifiers, and other health products for more than ten years.

OEM of high-quality products such as Nori, Nishiya, and TATA.

Ten product lines are launched each year, and all 5 million air purifier products are sold.

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