Olansi K05A Car air purifier eliminate PM2.5, secondhand smoke, air odor, exhaust

Olansi K05A car air purifier eliminate PM2.5, secondhand smoke, air odor, exhaust

Product Specification:

Model No.: OLS-K05A, OLS-K05B

Rated Voltage: DC10~15V, 300-500mA

Power: 8W

CADR: 8 m3/h

Negative Anion: 500Million/cm3

Purify Method: Active Loader waylay filter

Working sound: ≤35dB (A)

Filter: HEPA filter (imported materials)

Rated air volume: 25m3 / h


Unique Selling Point:

  1. 360°High-efficient HEPA Filter
  2. Remove the Formaldehyde, Benzene and PM2.5
  3. Housing is made of ABS from LG
  4. Release negative ions


  1. Eliminate PM2.5, secondhand smoke, air odor, exhaust
  2. Eliminate dust, can enter the lungs particles, allergic pollen
  3. Kill bacteria, viruses, natural bacteria

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