Olansi teaches you how to choose an air purifier which is best

Olansi teaches you how to choose an air purifier which is best

In recent years, people pay more and more attention to air quality, and hope to have a good breathing environment at home.

Therefore, many families begin to buy air purifiers home, but in the face of so many air purifiers in the market, how should you choose?

Not to worry, I teach you the following standard rules

1. The higher the value of CADR, the faster the purification rate will be. Of course, the value should be real tested data, not just displayed to customers. 

2. The larger the value of CCM, the longer the service life of the filter screen of air purifier. In addition, the endurance of test is also graded.

3. Purification and energy efficiency means energy saving. Under the same effect, the less power consumed, the better

4. Noise standards, noise control is very important, affect your experience, so choose a low-noise air purifier.

Therefore, when we go to buy best home air cleaner, we can refer to the above standards. We hope that we can buy the right products to make our home more pleasant.

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