Olansi W11 Efficient RO Hydrogen Water Dispenser

Olansi W11 Efficient RO Hydrogen Water Dispenser , RO hydrogen water purifier

 Hydrogen-rich Content 2000ppb(self test data)
 Voltage 220V/50Hz
 Mineral Strontium
 Rapid Heat 3s
Third gear temperature Cold,Warm,Hot
 Ambient temperature 4-38°C
 Applicable water pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
 Heating capacity 18L/h(≥90°C)
 Health water flow 7.8L/h
 Water tank 6L
 Material ABS
 Power 2200W
 1st stage PP carbon rod composite filter
 2nd stage 50G reverse osmosis membrane filter
 3rd stage Weakly alkaline rich strontium carbon rod composite filter
 Net weight 8.6kg
 Gross weight 11.4kg
 Machine size 508*180*446mm
 Package size 592*252*525mm
 Function 1.Water purifier
 2.3s rapid heat
 3.Drinking water
 4.Third gear temperature
 5.Low wastewater ratio
 6.Child lock
 Application Home
 Applicable water source Municipal tap water

hydrogen-rich water dispenser

hydrogen-rich water dispenser


six major issues that need to be noticed when purchasing RO hydrogen-rich water purifier dispenser

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