Pesticides are easy to remain, and what are the effects of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables?

Pesticides are easy to remain, and what are the effects of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables?

Pesticides, especially organophosphorus pesticides, carbamate pesticides, pyrethroid pesticides, etc., all have certain adhesion and permeability and are easy to remain on fruits and vegetables. After eating, toxins are easily accumulated in the body, resulting in health. Various hazards. Specifically, pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables have the following effects on the body.

Easy to cause obesity
When the liver cannot decompose toxic substances, it will be wrapped with fat to form cellulite. If the toxin continues to accumulate, the cellulite will increase and become larger to a certain extent, resulting in a slower metabolism and increased the fat content. ** Body fat.

2. Lead to decreased body immunity
Long-term consumption of fruits and vegetables with residual pesticides, pesticides will be distributed to the synapses and neuromuscular junctions after being absorbed by the blood, directly damage the neurons, causing the central nervous system to die, resulting in decreased immunity of various organs of the body. For example, we have frequent colds, dizziness, heart palpitations, night sweats, insomnia, and forgetfulness.

3. Cause fetal visceral hypoplasia or deformity
The toxic substances in the residual pesticides will be absorbed by the fetus through the placenta in the pregnant women, resulting in the development of some internal organs of the fetus or malformation. Some children born with defects are poisoned by the uterus. One. Therefore, in the process of pregnancy, including postpartum breastfeeding, women, in particular, should pay attention to the safety and health of the diet.

4. Increase the burden on the liver
Residual pesticides enter the body, relying mainly on the liver to produce enzymes to absorb these toxins for oxidative decomposition. If you eat fruits and vegetables with residual pesticides for a long time, you need the liver to work constantly to break down these toxins. Long-term overload work can cause liver damage such as cirrhosis and hydronephrosis.

5. Lead to gastrointestinal diseases
Due to the large pleural folds in the digestive system of the gastrointestinal tract, it is easy to accumulate poisons, and pesticides remaining on fruits and vegetables are easily accumulated here, causing symptoms such as chronic diarrhea and nausea.

6. May cause cancer
A variety of chemicals contained in pesticides can easily induce mutations in organisms, thereby increasing the possibility of cell mutations, causing cells to become deformed and inducing cancer.
In addition, pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables can easily lead to a variety of hidden diseases, which cause irreversible damage to health. Therefore, in purchasing, cleaning and cooking, we must try to scientifically select and handle them. The “dining table” became clean and healthy.

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