Rejuvenate the base of youth, rejuvenate

Rejuvenate the base of youth, rejuvenate

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Core feature one: eliminate wrinkles
[Experimental steps]
1. Seeding the human skin’s fibroblasts (HDF) on the chassis.
2. Use the machine to illuminate the cells for 6 minutes.
After 3 and 5 days, the number of cells is calculated based on the photograph taken.
[Experimental results]: The line is raised by +6°, the decree pattern is faded by -21%, and the muscle elasticity is increased by +20%.
[Experimental conclusion]: Changes in skin condition after 5 days of irradiation: RF-BLOOM produces collagen
The fibroblasts of the protein have a proliferative effect.

Core Features 2: Lifting and Tightening
Using high-frequency vibration frequency, rhythmically stimulates the facial nervous system and cell regeneration function, improves the lymphatic and blood circulation system of the face, and improves the metabolism of facial tissue, thereby achieving the effect of firming the skin and making the skin change. The gloss is elastic.

Feature 3: thin face shaping
The RF energy penetrates the epidermis to reach the fat layer, and the fat is discharged by the heat and shrinks in a liquid form to achieve local shaping.
1. The separation of skin and subcutaneous tissue fibers caused by the biothermal effect, while stimulating the formation and reorganization of the original protein, thereby achieving the purpose of firming the skin;
2. Enhance blood circulation and lymphatic circulation at the treatment site, and break down the rapid metabolism of adipose tissue;
3. The biothermal effect causes the fat tissue of fat cells to be decomposed into free fatty acids and glycerol, which is ultimately excreted by human metabolism.

Feature 4: Brighten skin tone
Skin levels can be divided into epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue:
The epidermis layer can be further divided into stratum corneum, transparent layer, granular layer, with acanthosis and basal layer, which guarantees that the skin is a healthy ecosystem, which is the basis for maintaining the young state of the epidermis, and then through the anti-oxidation and anti-aging products. Smear to improve the appearance, while maintaining the deeper skin younger state will also directly affect the epidermis. The RF beauty instrument promotes the rejuvenation of the skin protein by emitting laser light of a specific wavelength, and healthyly diminishes the fine-grain spots; the precise depth of the band emits directly to the dermis layer of the skin, and from the inside out, the lifting promotes the synthesis of collagen in the dermis layer, naturally It improves the appearance of the epidermis, and the skin that is firm and wrinkle-free looks naturally smooth and textured.

Feature 5: shrink pores
The RF wave in the home RF beauty instrument can deeply open the pores of the epidermis, and through the use of the gel, the garbage in the pores is deeply cleaned.
At the same time, the heat generated in the RF work stays in the dermis layer, and the epidermis layer is still in the normal temperature, so that the temperature difference causes the pores to gradually shrink and has the effect of shrinking the pores.

Feature 6: Sterilization and acne
Soothes acne muscle performance

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