Reverse osmosis water purifier and ultrafiltration machine

Reverse osmosis water purifier and ultrafiltration machine

Water is like breathing. Water is always an indispensable part of life. As the saying goes, “One side of water and soil raises one person” can see the important position of water in human life. How to get safe and healthy living water and drinking water? Everyone will definitely think of purchasing water purification equipment. Now the consumers on the market are favoring the reverse osmosis filtration RO water purifier and ultrafiltration water purifier. What are the differences between the two water purifiers? Many consumers are misunderstood when they buy. Here is the difference between the reverse osmosis water purifier and the ultrafiltration machine?

The ultrafiltration water purifier is a device that purifies water using ultrafiltration technology. The difference from other water purification equipment is that an ultrafiltration membrane is used in the equipment. At present, the ultrafiltration water purifiers on the market are generally directly connected to the water pipe, and the internal multi-stage filter element is used to remove impurities in the water and retain trace elements. The filter element of the household ultrafiltration water purifier is generally 4-grade filtration or 5-grade filtration. The first level of 5μm PP cotton filter removes large particles of impurities such as sediment, rust, and colloid in raw water; the second layer is granular activated carbon filter to remove odor, heterochromatic and residual chlorine in water; the third layer is precision compressed activated carbon filter, adsorption of residual chlorine, heterochromatic odor, small molecular organic matter, heavy metals and particulate impurities; the fourth layer is ultrafiltration membrane, removing bacteria, colloids, macromolecular organic matter, etc.; the fifth layer is the post-activated carbon filter, further adsorption, Remove odor and improve mouthfeel. In fact, whether it is 4-stage filtration or 5-level filtration, it is necessary to look at the accuracy of ultrafiltration membranes and the quality of filter cartridges at all levels.

Ultrafiltration purifier eliminates the need for pumps, no electricity consumption, no electrical safety problems; large water output, no wastewater, environmental protection, and energy-saving; retains minerals and trace elements in water, and tastes similar to bottled mineral water on the market; cheap price.

Even though the ultrafiltration purifier has a good purification ability, its shortcomings are also very troublesome. After the long-term use of the ultrafiltration purifier, there will be a secondary pollution problem at all levels of the filter element; the residual pollutants on the surface of the ultrafiltration membrane will affect the water output and purification capacity, and need to be cleaned in time; the hardness of the water cannot be reduced. If the hardness of the raw water is high, the container will be fouled after cooking; for the removal of chemical pollutants, if the raw water pollution is serious or a water supply special event occurs, it is difficult to ensure the safety of the purified water.

RO reverse osmosis pure water machine is a water purifier that uses RO reverse osmosis technology for water filtration. Because its output water is very pure, it is called RO reverse osmosis pure water machine.

RO water purifier is usually also a 5-stage filtration system. The first stage is a 5μm pore filter to remove tiny impurities such as sediment and rust in raw water. The second stage is a pre-particle carbon filter to remove odor and residual chlorine in the water. Organic matter, part of heavy metals, etc.; third-stage 1μm PP cotton or compressed activated carbon filter to further remove residual chlorine, odor, and tiny impurities; fourth-stage RO membrane to remove calcium and magnesium ions, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic substances, etc.; After the activated carbon, it can improve the taste. There is also a part of pure water to add a sixth layer of minerals, adding some beneficial mineral elements to the pure water.

RO reverse osmosis pure water machine effluent water quality is safe, can remove all kinds of harmful impurities in water, can cope with the special problem of water supply; can filter out metal ions in water, improve the problem of high water quality, daily cooking utensils will not be structured, and drink taste good.

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