RF considerations

RF considerations

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1. The frequency can not be too high, otherwise the skin can not eat, usually 2-3 times a week is enough.

  1. Generally speaking, home radio frequency meters are safer beauty instruments. However, the following people should not use the RF beauty instrument:
  • Under 18 years old, please study hard…
  • Have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator with metal implants (eg gold wire, but not dental fillings and implants)
  • Pregnancy lactation
  • suffering from impaired immune system
  • The range of use is skin disease (such as sores, eczema, rash) or wounds
  • Recently performed surgery (experimental laser surgery within 3 months, wound healing, etc.)
  • Permanent fillers, temporary fillers, etc. have been implanted in the scope of use.
  • Be careful when skin is particularly sensitive

Olansi RF Beauty Equipment

  • Eliminates wrinkles: deepens into the dermis of the skin, improves skin relaxation, diminishes crow’s feet, and lines
  • Lifting and tightening: Collagen regeneration, repairing aging collagen layer, tightening loose skin and improving skin firmness
  • Brighten skin tone: promotes adequate cells, collagen synthesis, helps skin regeneration, breaks down melanin, and enhances skin tone
  • Shrink pores: The tip cools quickly, shrinks pores, locks in moisture, calms and soothes
  • Sterilization and anti-acne: Blu-ray sterilization, soothes the skin and inhibits the growth of acne
  • Thin face shaping: RF penetrates the epidermis to reach the fat layer, the fat is dissolved and contracted by heat, and the fat is discharged in liquid form to achieve a thin face shaping effect.

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