RO membrane reverse osmosis water dispenser knowledge

RO membrane reverse osmosis water dispenser knowledge

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1. The water from the pure water mechanism of RO can be directly consumed. Is this water the same as the pure water machine sold on the market? So what method does the machine use to treat bacteria?

A: The RO water purifier utilizes the world’s advanced reverse osmosis method to deeply treat the water. The reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size of only one ten thousandth of a micrometer. Besides water molecules, bacteria and other organic matter, microorganisms, heat sources, The harmful substances such as viruses are completely filtered out, and the obtained water is pure space water (also called direct drinking water), which is the same as the direct drinking water sold on the market. It is just a straight line produced by a large water plant in the same way. The drinking water is bottled and bottled to become a direct drinking water product, and the two qualities are exactly the same.

2. What is the RO membrane reverse osmosis method?

A: RO is the reduction of English Reverse Osmosis. Chinese means [reverse osmosis]. Generally, water flows from the low concentration side to the high concentration side. Once the water is pressurized, it will flow from the high concentration side to the low concentration side. The so-called reverse osmosis principle; because the pore size of the RO membrane is one millionth of the hair filament, it is invisible to the naked eye, and the bacteria and virus are 5000 times more. Therefore, only water molecules can pass, other impurities and heavy metals are It is discharged from the waste water pipe, so the process of desalination of seawater and the recovery and treatment of astronaut wastewater are all high-tech artificial kidneys in vitro.

3. What is the difference between a reverse osmosis pure water machine and a general water filter?

A: The structure of the general water filter is mainly composed of activated carbon and resin. Its main function is to filter some large impurities and deodorizing function. Once the water remains in the water filter, it becomes a hotbed of bacteria and Escherichia coli. Breeding area. The RO membrane of pure water machine is a high-tech product, which can completely eliminate molecules larger than water molecules, completely separate heavy metals and impurities from water molecules, and the water produced by reverse osmosis pure water machine is truly clean water.

4. What are the benefits or magical effects of reverse osmosis pure water machine?

A: Pure water has no effect because of the absence of bacteria. For example, if you use pure water for cooking, the rice will not smell bad within three days. The vegetables will be soaked in pure water, and the pesticide fertilizer can be washed away. In addition, pure water is the best lotion, it can wash away the pollutants on the face, and even use it to raise fish. Because of high oxygen content and no chlorine, the fish live better. At the same time, drinking water is also the best animal drink. It not only quenches thirst, but also removes impurities and toxins from the body. Therefore, the English name of the drinking water is Hungerater, which is a kind of starving water with strong dissolving power.

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