Shared air purifiers from independent goods to the shared economy:

Shared air purifiers from independent goods to the shared economy:

Since the word haze has received attention in 2015, people’s attention to the environment has become higher and higher. This led to a series of anti-fog masks, new fans, air purifiers, and other commodities. Among them, the introduction of the shared air purifier solution is more convenient for those who work in the northern cities.

There is not much difference in performance between a shared air purifier and a normal air purifier. Just in the business model, ordinary air purifiers are just the sale of goods, while shared air purifiers exist in a rental process. Although, buying an air purifier of your own is, in a sense, more practical than a shared air purifier. But for those who work outside, it costs a lot of money to buy an air purifier in a rental room.

In addition, the biggest advantage of the shared air purifier and the common purifier is that the shared air purifier is not limited by time and space. It can be placed not only in public places such as KTV, cafes but also in hotels, offices and other places. Let users breathe fresh air in their work and life. So from the perspective of a shared air purifier solution, is there a market for shared air purifiers?

The market for shared air purifiers can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

1. The development of the sharing economy
Last year, 2018 was rated as the winter of the Internet. In this year, not only many Internet companies are facing bankruptcy, but also shared economic projects such as shared bicycles are also facing a big impact. The dilemma of sharing bicycles has caused people to ponder over the development of the sharing economy.

In fact, the dilemma of sharing bicycles is foreseeable. Because it has many drawbacks in the venue and profit model, it is doomed to go a long way. From the shared air purifier solution, the shared air purifier has a fixed placement site, thus avoiding unnecessary cost waste. In terms of profitability, shared air purifier sharing projects have a clear profitable approach. In addition to the basic rental use income, there are advertising revenues.

Therefore, the failure of a single shared bicycle project cannot deny the development of the entire sharing economy. Conversely, from a shared air purifier solution, shared air purifiers have certain advantages in terms of placement and profitability.

2. Government policy support

In recent years, with global warming, the air quality of the human living environment has also been greatly affected. To this end, China has introduced relevant incentive policies in environmental protection. The shared air purifier solution, as a highly intelligent device that can be used indoors to purify the air and improve air quality, can naturally be supported by government policies.

It is understood that the government departments have introduced relevant legal provisions and clearly stated: “To strengthen environmental health risk management, promote the protection of public health concepts into environmental protection policies, and promote environmental health management to a new height.” This provides an important guarantee for the development of shared air purifiers.

In summary, from the solution of the shared air purifier, the shared air purifier can be developed rapidly and stably, which is the inevitable result of the development of the market economy.

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