Should I choose ultrafiltration or RO water purifier?

Should I choose ultrafiltration or RO water purifier?

water purifier,filter,reverse osmosis

water purifier,filter,reverse osmosis

Advantages of ultrafiltration:
Completely remove bacteria and algae including some viruses, and you can safely drink where the metal ion content is low (but it is recommended not to drink directly, the quality of tap water, it is…), and the relative RO machine, the consumables are low, do not need to be frequent Replace expensive filter elements, and do not discharge waste water, no electricity, and there are also RO and water storage buckets to save money and water.

Disadvantages of ultrafiltration:
It is impossible to filter out calcium and magnesium ions, and the scale is still scaled.
Although calcium and magnesium ions are essential nutrients for the human body every day, scale is a calcium-magnesium compound, and a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions can be supplemented by drinking water.
However, if long-term use of water containing too much calcium and magnesium ions (called hard water in jargon) may cause some diseases, according to scientists, in areas with high water hardness, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is low, but the incidence of kidney stones is As the hardness of water increases, it is mostly soft water in the south of China, and hard water in the north.

Advantages of RO:
It is cleaner than ultrafiltration. (RO machine) Reverse osmosis is a relatively safe and scientific water treatment technology recognized by the world. The water coming out through the reverse osmosis membrane is basically pure water, so it is safer. Therefore, the reverse osmosis machine is also referred to as a pure water machine. RO machine. The reverse osmosis membrane can retain 0.0001 micron of material, which is a relatively fine membrane separation product, which can effectively retain all dissolved salts and organic substances with molecular weight greater than 100, while allowing water molecules to pass. Therefore, it is possible to effectively remove dissolved impurities, bacteria, viruses, chemical contaminants, chlorine for disinfection in waterworks, heavy metal residues in pipes, and small molecular organic substances. At the same time, the weak alkaline filter core, composed of mineral fossils, can turn pure water into weak alkaline water; UV ultraviolet germicidal lamps can further kill the disinfecting bacteria.

The disadvantages of RO:
RO pure water opportunity produces certain wastewater and electricity. The wastewater is different from the water purifiers of various brands. Although there is a certain amount of waste water, it is more important than health. Moreover, the filtration accuracy of the pure water machine is much higher than that of the ultrafiltration machine. The water quality filtered by the pure water machine has a very low impurity content, which ensures the health of the drinking water. Therefore, in areas with good water quality, there is no scale, etc. Ultrafiltration can be used. If the scale is serious, even in areas with poor water quality such as heavy metals, it is recommended to choose RO.

Note: RO opportunities generate wastewater? What causes these wastewaters?

There are two main sources of wastewater: washing wastewater and filtering wastewater.

1. Flushing wastewater is used to flush the RO membrane, usually when the machine restarts water production.
Rinse, so as to avoid the RO membrane being blocked and prolonging the service life of the RO membrane;
2. Filtration of wastewater is a retentate that is trapped by the RO membrane after filtration of tap water.

According to the pure water recovery rate of about 30% set by the general manufacturer, if 15L of pure water is used every day (drinking water and cooking can basically meet), 35L of wastewater will be produced, the total water consumption will be 50L, and the total wastewater will be 1.05 in one month. Tons (35L*30=1050L). The water meter is calculated in tons; 1 degree (ton) water is equal to 1 cubic meter. Due to different charges in various regions, the water fee is about 3-5 yuan/ton. In a month, the cost of wastewater is about 5 yuan. In fact, you don’t have to worry about too much waste. And with the development of technology, the current lower and lower wastewater is being developed than the water purifier, and the future RO reverse osmosis water purifier will become more and more popular.

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