Smog VS Indoor pollution

Smog VS Indoor pollution

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The smog enveloped the north and south of the river, the outdoor smog was serious, the indoor activities increased, and the indoors were really safe and healthy? It is understood that indoor pollution is even more harmful than smog. The World Health Organization has included indoor air pollution as one of the top ten threats to human health.

Many residential and commercial housing buildings are not equipped with ventilation systems, and the poor ventilation of the building is the main cause of indoor pollution. There are many harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia in the decoration materials, and 80% of the new houses have more than 3 times the formaldehyde.

Compared with smog, indoor pollution is much more complicated. Indoor pollution can be inhaled from 0.01 micron to 10 micron, and many of these substances are carcinogenic and are carriers of allergens. Heavy pollution, wearing a mask has become commonplace, but no one wears a mask indoors. The indoor space is small and the concentration of harmful substances is high. The Shanghai Center for Disease Control has confirmed that most household air-conditioner bacteria exceed the standard, which is 50 times higher than the central air-conditioning of the shopping mall. Experiments have shown that PM2 produced by smoking a cigarette in a 35-square-meter confined space The .5 concentration is more than 30 times the normal value. The micro-particles from second-hand smoke account for about 90% of the total PM2.5 in the room. As long as you can smell the smoke in the room, PM2.5 has already exceeded the standard by at least double. Cai Shaozhen reminded that the tiny particles produced by smoking will remain on clothes, walls, carpets, furniture and even hair and skin. A little activity or air circulation will rise back into the air.

The impact of indoor air pollution on health is long and chronic. At the earliest, there may be cases of sore throat, dry eyes, memory loss, allergic asthma, rash, etc., and the general public is paying attention.

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