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Talking about the harm of indoor air pollution to human health

Talking about the harm of indoor air pollution to human health

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With the rapid economic growth, the problem of environmental pollution is inevitable. Of course, the two are not contradictory. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, both developed countries and developing countries generally face different levels of environment. pollution problem. In recent years, the word haze has been very hot. However, smog is not a new concept, but the attention of everyone before is not high enough, and nowadays, the reference to air pollution is afraid of avoiding the word. However, the air pollution we mentioned here mainly refers to outdoor air pollution. In fact, the pollution problem in the indoor environment of today’s society is also quite serious, because most modern people spend most of their time indoors, while indoors There is no doubt that the quality of the air will directly affect our health.

First,status of indoor air pollution

The so-called indoor air pollution is literally the air pollution in the living environment. Before the 1980s, indoor air pollutants were mainly carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides produced by coal combustion. In the early 1990s, air pollutants from indoor smoking, coal burning and cooking were mainly used. Since the late 1990s, with the people The improvement of living standards, coupled with the rise of “renovation heat”, the pollutants generated by decoration materials have become the main source of indoor air pollutants. The popularity of air conditioners has made the composition of indoor air more complicated, and the threat to people’s health has become more and more serious. Big.

Nowadays, many cities have carried out investigations in this area, and the results of the survey are not optimistic. According to statistics, indoor air pollutants such as benzene, toluene, ammonia and hydrazine exceeded the standard by several times, and the content of pollutants in new homes was particularly high. It has been confirmed that this is mainly caused by poor decoration.

Second, the characteristics of indoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution is different from outdoor, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Long contact time. More than half of people spend their time indoors, so even if the concentration of pollutants is very low, after years of enrichment in the human body, it will cause greater harm to the human body;
  2. Affect the population. Unlike the outdoor environment, indoor air pollution involves almost all age groups, because everyone is inevitably exposed to the indoor environment;
  3. High concentration of pollutants. The indoor space is relatively closed compared to the outdoor, which causes the air to circulate, and the pollutants accumulate in the air, so that it is easier to reach a higher concentration;
  4. There are many types of pollutants and complex components. Indoor pollutants are different from specific outdoor locations with certain pollutants. Indoor air pollutants are complex and diverse. This is mainly due to the large number of indoor activities, especially in public places, with a large number of people and complicated personnel. With the development of new technologies, many pollutants have not been widely recognized.
  5. The duration of the pollutants is long. Many people think that new furniture may release pollutants such as formaldehyde, but this problem does not exist after one and a half years. In fact, this is not the case. Although the harmful effects of volatile pollutants are not long, there are also several years. For a long time, other air pollutants, like radioactive elements, may last longer.

Third, prevention and solutions

The most fundamental way to reduce indoor pollution is to reduce or control the generation of pollutants from the source of pollution. The first question is about the decoration. Before the decoration, the type and amount of the plate should be fully considered. Use the decoration materials that meet the national standards, use the synthetic materials as little as possible, and do not over-renovate, because even if the decoration materials used meet the standards, they are used. Too much will still lead to enrichment of pollutants and exceed the standard. The second is the problem of pollutants in the soot. In the cooking process, it is inevitable that oily fumes will be produced. At high temperatures, the substances in the food undergo complex chemical reactions, which in turn produce a variety of carcinogenic substances. First, we should use qualified cooking oil and ingredients, do not buy inferior edible oil; second, try to avoid cooking under high temperature conditions such as stir-frying and frying during cooking; third, use good exhaust The range hood, so that even the generation of soot containing certain pollutants can minimize its indoor diffusion and reduce the harm to indoor personnel. In addition, it is about smoking. It is well known that the harm of second-hand smoke is extremely serious. It has been confirmed that smoking is one of the causes of lung cancer. The indoor environment is a closed environment. The harm of second-hand smoke is more prominent indoors. It will affect your health and will seriously affect the health of people around you. Therefore, we should try to reduce smoking or quitting smoking. I believe this will be a far-reaching thing.

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