What are the main indicators involved in the detection of air purifiers?

                                                What are the main indicators involved in the detection of air purifiers?


Air purifiers on the market often claim that the filtration technology they use is the best. Some brands also add auxiliary functions other than air purification,
 or add air purification functions to other functions. These are all without problems. Just remember that no matter what kind of purification mechanism, measuring 
the purification effect is inseparable from the following indicators:

Purification is not fast, good or bad: CADR (clean air output rate)
Is it suitable for 24-hour use: energy consumption, noise
Whether the effect can be guaranteed for a long time: CCM (cumulative air purification)
Are there side effects: chemical harmful substances, ozone, secondary pollution, etc.

For these indicators, there are some authoritative third-party independent testing institutions at home and abroad, some for individual testing, and some for 
comprehensive testing, but all professional manufacturers will take the initiative to send products to these institutions for testing, and clearly show Related
 reports and results.

The test standard for air purifiers started late, further standardized product labeling, and improved the experimental method for removing the pollutants of 
particulate matter and formaldehyde from air purifier products. The nine performance indicators specified basically cover all the functions of the purifier. 
: Clean air volume (ie CADR), purification energy efficiency, noise, applicable area, cumulative purification (ie CCM), purification life, standby power,
 release of harmful substances (such as ozone), microbial removal (antibacterial, mildew, sterilization) ).

 Judging whether an air purifier has implemented
 the new national standard, on the one hand, it depends on whether the relevant indicators are clearly indicated on the product, on the other hand,
 the standard number carried out by the product packaging or instructions can be seen, and the product quality is more guaranteed. In addition, when
 comparing the parameters, you should also pay attention to the source of the data, that is, whether the reporting organization that issued the
 report is authoritative.

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